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Publications [#362408] of Jonathon Cummings

Book Chapters

  1. Haas, MR; Cummings, JN, Team innovation cycles, in The Oxford Handbook of Group and Organizational Learning (April, 2017), pp. 411-427, ISBN 9780190263362
    (last updated on 2022/07/02)

    We review prior research on team innovation to advance understanding of the learning cycles that teams undergo when they develop new products and services. We refer to the dynamic sequences of variation, selection, and retention as team innovation cycles. Innovation teams can learn from both their own experiences and the experiences of others during each of these phases. An integration of the internal, external, and temporal components of team innovation cycles highlights important learning traps that teams face in the innovation process. Through its multilevel, cross-level, and iterative properties, the concept of team innovation cycles also advances our understanding of how individual, group, and organizational learning processes work both separately and together to enable teams to innovate successfully.

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