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Robert B. Jackson


Papers Published

  1. Phillips NG, R Ackley, ER Crosson, A Down, LR Hutyra, M Brondfield, JD Karr, K Zhao, RB Jackson, Mapping urban pipeline leaks: methane leaks across Boston. Environmental Pollution, Environmental Pollution, vol. 173 (2013), pp. 1-4 [003] .
  2. Warner NR, RB Jackson, TH Darrah, SG Osborn, A Down, K Zhao, A White, A Vengosh, Geochemical evidence for possible natural migration of Marcellus formation brine to shallow aquifers in Pennsylvania, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, U.S.A, vol. 109 (2012), pp. 11961-11966 [pnas.1121181109] .
  3. Kim, JH, RB Jackson, A global analysis of groundwater recharge for vegetation, climate, and soils, Vadose Zone Journal (2012) [doi] .
  4. Eccles, JK, L Pratson, RG Newell, RB Jackson, The impact of geologic variability on capacity and cost estimates for storing CO2 in deep-saline aquifers, Energy Economics, vol. 34 (2012), pp. 1569-1579 [015] .
  5. Vergutz L, S Manzoni, A Porporato, RF Novais, RB Jackson, Global resorption efficiencies and concentrations of carbon and nutrients in leaves of terrestrial plants, vol. 82 (2012), pp. 205-220 (Ecological Monographs 82:205-220.) .
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  2. RB Jackson, Weekend Mischief (2010), Boyds Mills Press .
  3. RB Jackson, Animal Mischief (2006), Boyds Mills Press, "Highlights for Children" Corporation .
  4. RB Jackson, The Earth Remains Forever (2002), University of Texas Press, Austin [html] .

Edited Volumes

  1. New directions in microbial ecology, edited by Jackson, RB, N Fierer, JP Schimel, Ecology, vol. 88 (2007), pp. 1343-1394 .
  2. Does nitrogen constrain carbon cycling, or does carbon input stimulate nitrogen cycling?, edited by Y. Luo, CB Field, RB Jackson, Ecology, vol. 87 (2006), pp. 3-75 .
  3. Sala, OE, RB Jackson, Determinants of biodiversity change, edited by OE Sala, RB Jackson, Ecology, vol. 87 (2006), pp. 1875-1924 .


  1. Michalak AM, RB Jackson, G Marland, CL Sabine, and the Carbon Cycle Science Working Group, A U.S. Carbon Cycle Science Plan (2011) (U.S. Carbon Cycle Science Program, Washington, DC.) [html] .
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