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Norman L. Christensen

MS & Ph.D. students as primary supervisor   

  • Claire B. O'Dea   
    Effects of landscape fragmentation and connectivity on plant population variability and stability.

MS & Ph.D. students completed   

  • Charlotte Clark   
    Effects of environmental education programs on community actions (Environmental Education).
  • Marion Adeney   
    (Co-Advisory with Stuart Pimm) Fire in reserves as an indicator of human disturbance in neotropical humid forests.
  • Nicolette Cagle   
    (Co-Advisor with John Terborgh) The effects of prairie fragmentation on the diversity and health of colubrid and viperid snakes.
  • Krithi K. Karanth   
    Mammal Diversity, Persistence and Conservation in India.
  • Dalia Amor   
    Effects of human activities, mainly land use, and the conservation of biodiversity to corridors in Mexico, Guatemala and Beilze.
  • Sara Chun   
    (Co-advisor with Gary Harshorn) Restoration and conservation biology issues in the tropics.
  • Alan Weakley   
    Floristic diversity and biogeography of endemism in the Carolinas and Virginia.
  • Miguel Schwartz   
    Effects of land use history on vegetation in the Piedmont of North Carolina.
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