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Norman L. Christensen


Papers Published

  1. K.K. Karanth, J. Nichols, J. Hines, U. Karanth, N.L. Christensen, Where are India's Large Mammals and Why? Patterns and Determinants of Species Occurrence, Journal of Applied Ecology, vol. 46 (2009), pp. 1189-1200 .
  2. J.E. Keeley, G. Aplet, N.L. Christensen, S.G. Conard, E.A. Johnson, P.N. Omi, D.L. Peterson, T.W. Swetnam, Ecological Foundations of Fire Management, U.S.D.A. Forest Service General Technical Report (2009), pp. 92 (PNW.GTR-779.) .
  3. J.M. Adeney, N.L. Christensen, S.L. Pimm, Reserves Protect Against Deforestation Fires in the Amazon, PLOS one, vol. 4 no. 4 (2009), pp. e5014 .
  4. N.L. Christensen, Future Forests, Future Fires, Yellowstone Science, vol. 17 (2009), pp. 40-44 .
  5. N.L. Christensen, Sustaining America's Forest Legacy, Conservation Biol, vol. 22 no. 6 (December, 2008), pp. 1378-1379 [offal]  [abs].
  6. N.L. Christensen, Embracing Diversity, Embracing Change, Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, vol. 6 no. 8 (October, 2008), pp. 403 .
  7. K. Karanth, R.A. Kramer, S.S. Qian, N.L. Christensen, Examining conservation attitudes, perspectives, and, Biological Conservation, vol. 141 (August, 2008), pp. 2357-2367  [abs].
  8. B. Poulter, S.S. Quian, N.L. Christensen, Determinants of coastal treeline and the role of abiotic and biotic interactions, Plant Ecology (July, 2008)  [abs].
  9. Christensen, N.L., A. Bartuska, J.H. Brown, S. Carpenter, C. D’Antonio, R. Francis, J.F. Franklin, J.A. MacMahon, R.F. Noss, D.J. Parsons, C.H. Peterson, M.G. Turner, and R.G. Woodmansee, The scientific basis for ecosystem management, Ecological Applications, vol. 6 (1996), pp. 665-691 .

Papers Accepted

  1. K.A. Fesenmyer and N.L. Christensen, Fire History in Southern Appalachian Forests Using Soil Charcoal, Ecol (2010) .
  2. Karanth, K.K., J.D. Nichols, J.E. Hines, K.U. Karanth, and N.L. Christensen, The Shrinking Ark: Patterns of Large Mammal Extinctions in India, Proceedings of the Royal Society B (2009) .

Papers Submitted

  1. N.L. Cagle, N.L. Christensen, Evaluating the Conservation Status of Illinois Snakes, Journal of Herpetology (2009) .
  2. Conde, D., F. Colchero, Z. Heliot, N.L. Christensen, J. Sexton, C. Chavez and A. Rivera, Gender differences on jaguar Panthera Onca habitat use and fragmentation: implications for conservation, Journal of Applied Ecology (2009) .

Books under Contract

  1. N.L. Christensen, Environment:, 1st edition (2010), pp. 520 pp, Prentice-Hall, Pearson Education (All 20 chapters are now in first draft or beyond..) .

Books Published

  1. Christensen, N.L. et al, Environmental Issues in Pacific Northwest Forest Management (2000), pp. 259 pp, National Academy Press, Washington, DC. .
  2. Human Activities and Ecosystem Function, edited by D. Simpson and N.L. Christensen (1996), Chapman-Hall, Inc., New York .

Book Chapters

  1. Christensen, N.L., Jr. and F.S. Gilliam, Herb diversity and succession in eastern deciduous forests, in The herbaceous layer in forests of eastern North America, edited by F.S. Gilliam and M. Roberts (2003), pp. 224-237, Oxford University Press .
  2. Jensen, M.E., N.L. Christensen, Jr. and P.S. Bourgeron, An overview of ecological assessment principles and applications, in A Guidebook for Integrated Ecological Assessments. Springer, edited by M.E. Jensen and P.S. Bourgeron (2001), pp. 13-28, Springer, New York .
  3. N.L. Christensen Jr., Vegetation of the Coastal Plain of the southeastern United States, in Vegetation of North America, Second Edition, edited by M. Barbour and W. D. Billings (2000), pp. 397-448, Cambridge University Press .
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