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Richard G. Newell


Book Chapters

  1. Henderson, R.H and R.G. Newell, Accelerating Innovation in Energy: Insights from Multiple Sectors. Introduction and Summary (2011) (University of Chicago Press.) [PDF].
  2. R.G. Newell, The Energy Innovation System: A Historical Perspective, in Accelerating Innovation in Energy: Insights from Multiple Sectors (R.H. Henderson and R.G. Newell, eds) (2009) (University of Chicago Press.) [PDF].
  3. Jaffe, A.B., R.G. Newell, and R.N. Stavins, Technological change and the environment, in Handbook of Environmental Economics, Handbooks in Economics series, edited by K.-G. Mäler and J. Vincent, vol. 1 (2003), pp. 461-516, Amsterdam: North-Holland/Elsevier [PDF].
  4. Newell, R.G., A.B. Jaffe, and R.N. Stavins, The Induced Innovation Hypothesis and Energy-Saving Technological Change, in Technological Change and the Environment, edited by A. Grubler, N. Nakicenovic, and W.D. Nordhaus, eds (2002), pp. 97-126, RFF Press, Washington, DC (Reprinted from Quarterly Journal of Economics, 114(3):941-975.) [pdf] .


  1. R.G. Newell and W.A. Pizer, Indexed Regulation, J. Environ. Econ. and Management (2008) [PDF].


  1. R.G. Newell, What's the big deal about oil? How we can get oil policy right, Resources, vol. 163 (Fall, 2006), pp. 6-10 [PDF].
  2. Newell, R.G., The hydrogen economy: Laying out the groundwork, Resources, vol. 156 (2005), pp. 20-23 [pdf] .
  3. Newell, R.G., Maximising Value in Multi-species Fisheries, Ian Axford Fellowship in Public Policy, New Zealand Fulbright Program (2004), Wellington, New Zealand [pdf] .
  4. Sanchirico, J.N. and R.G. Newell, Catching market Efficiencies, Spring, Resources, vol. 150 (2003), pp. 8-11 [pdf] .
  5. Anderson, S.T. and R.G. Newell, Prospects for Carbon Capture and Storage Technologies, Discussion Paper 02-68, Resources for the Future , Washington, D.C. [pdf] .
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