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Heather M. Stapleton


Papers Published

  1. W Dong, LJ Macaulay, KW Kwok, DE Hinton, HM Stapleton, Using whole mount in situ hybridization to examine thyroid hormone deiodinase expression in embryonic and larval zebrafish: a tool for examining OH-BDE toxicity to early life stages., Aquatic toxicology (Amsterdam, Netherlands), vol. 132-133 (May, 2013), pp. 190-9  [abs].
  2. M Fang, TF Webster, D Gooden, EM Cooper, MD McClean, C Carignan, C Makey, HM Stapleton, Investigating a novel flame retardant known as V6: measurements in baby products, house dust, and car dust., Environ Sci & Technol, vol. 47 no. 9 (May, 2013), pp. 4449-54  [abs].
  3. HB Patisaul, SC Roberts, N Mabrey, KA McCaffrey, RB Gear, J Braun, SM Belcher, HM Stapleton, Accumulation and endocrine disrupting effects of the flame retardant mixture Firemaster® 550 in rats: an exploratory assessment., Journal of biochemical and molecular toxicology, vol. 27 no. 2 (February, 2013), pp. 124-36  [abs].
  4. Allen, J.G., Stapleton, H.M. Vallerino, J., McNeely, E., McClean, M.D., Harrad, S.J., Rauert, C., Spengler, J.D., Exposure to flame retardant chemicals on commercial airplanes., Environmental Health (2013) .
  5. Carignan, C., McClean, M.D., Cooper, E., Watkins, D., Fraser, A., Heiger-Bernays,W., Stapleton, H.M. Webster, T.F., Predictors of Tris-(1,3-dichloro-2-propyl) phosphate Metabolite in the Urine of Office Workers, Environment International (2013) .
  6. Slotkin, T.A., Cooper, E.M., Stapleton, H.M., Seidler, F.J., Does thyroid disruption contribute to the developmental neurotoxicity of chlorpyrifos?, Environmental Toxicology & Pharmacology (2013) .
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  8. McGee, S.P., Konstantinov, A., Stapleton, H.M., Volz, D.C., Aryl phosphate esters within a major PentaBDE Replacement Product Induce Cardiotoxicity in Developing Zebrafish Embryos: Potential role of the aryl hydrocarbon receptor., Toxicological Sciences (2013) .
  9. Watkins, D.J., McClean, M.D., Frasier, A.J., Weinberg, J., Stapleton, H.M., Webster, T.F., Associations between PBDEs in office air, dust, and surface wipes., Environment International (2013) .
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  11. Lohman, R., Stapleton, H.M., Hites, R.A., Science Should Guide TSCA Reform., Environ Sci & Technol (2013) .
  12. Noyes, P.D., Lema, S.C., Macaulay, L.J., Douglas, N.K., and Stapleton, H.M., Low Level Exposure to the Flame Retardant BDE-209 Reduces Thyroid Hormone Levels and Disrupts Thyroid Signaling in Fathead Minnows., Environ Sci & Technol (2013) .
  13. Clark, B., Cooper, E.M., Stapleton, H.M. Di Giulio, R.D., Compound- and mixture-specific differences in resistance to PAHs and PCB-126 among Fundulus heteroclitus subpopulations throughout the Elizabeth River estuary (Virginia, USA)., Environ Sci & Technol (2013) .
  14. Meeker, J., Cooper, E.M. Stapleton, H.M. Hauser, R.D., Exploratory analysis of urinary metabolites of phosphorus-containing flame retardants in relation to markers of male reproductive health., Endocrine Disruptors (2013) .
  15. Muzzio, A.M., Noyes, P.D., Stapleton, H.M., Lema S.C., Tissue distribution and thyroid hormone effects on mRNA abundance for membrane transporters Mct8, Mct10, and organic anion-transporting polypeptides (Oatps) in a teleost fish., Comparative Biochem & Physiol (2013) .
  16. Butt, C.M., Stapleton, H.M., Inhibition of thyroid hormone sulfotransferase activity by brominated flame retardants and halogenated phenolics., Chemical Research in Toxicology (2013) .
  17. Levin, E.D., Cauley, M., Johnson, J., Cooper, E.M., Stapleton, H.M., Ferguson, P.L., Seidler, F.J., Slotkin, T.A., Prenatal Dexamethasone Augments the Neurobehavioral Teratology of Chlorpyrifos: Significance for Maternal Stress and Preterm Labor., Neurotoxicology and Teratology (2013) .
  18. Carignan, C.C., Heiger-Bernays, W., McClean, M.D., Roberts, S.C., Stapleton, H.M., Sjodin, A., and Webster, T.F., Flame Retardant Exposure among Collegiate US Gymnasts., Environ Sci & Technol (2013) .
  19. McClain, V, Stapleton, H.M., Tilton F., Gallagher, E.P., BDE 49 and Developmental Toxicity in Zebrafish., Comparative Biochem & Physiol C, vol. 155 no. 2 (2012), pp. 253-258 .
  20. Ashley, J.T.F., Vasquez, M.A., Zelanko, P., McKinley, E., Schafer, M., Zaoudeh, L., Horwitz, R., Stapleton, H.M., Velinsky, D.J., Trophic Transfer of Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers and Polychlorinated Biphenyls in a Tidal Freshwater Marsh., Chemistry & Ecology, vol. 28 no. 4 (2012), pp. 305-325 .
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  31. Alicia J Frasera, Thomas F Webstera, Deborah J Watkinsa, Jessica W Nelsona, Heather M Stapletonb, Antonia M Calafatc, Kayoko Katoc, Mahiba Shoeibd, Verónica M Vieraa, Michael D McClean, Polyfluorinated Compounds in Serum Linked to Indoor Air in Office Environments, Environ Sci & Technol, vol. 46 no. 2 (2012), pp. 1209-1215 .
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  36. Jung, Dawoon and Matson, Cole W. and Collins, Leonard B. and Laban, Geoff and Stapleton, Heather M. and Bickham, John W. and Swenberg, James A. and Di Giulio, Richard T., Genotoxicity in Atlantic killifish (Fundulus heteroclitus) from a PAH-contaminated Superfund site on the Elizabeth River, Virginia, Ecotoxicology (London, England), vol. 20 no. 8 (2011), pp. 1890-9 .
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Papers Accepted

  1. Hoffman, K., Daniels, J.L., Stapleton. H.M., Urinary Metabolites of Organophosphate Flame Retardants and Their Variability in Pregnant Women, Environment International (2013) .
  2. Noyes, P.D., Lema, S.C., Roberts, S.C., Cooper, E.M., and Stapleton. H.M., A Rapid Method for the Measurement of Circulating Thyroid Hormones in Low Volumes of Teleost Fish Plasma by LC-ESI/MS/MS., Analytical & Bioanalytical Chemistry (2013) .
  3. Stapleton, H.M., Misenheimer, J.C., Hoffman, K., and Webster. T.F., Flame Retardant Associations Between Children's Handwipes and House Dust, Chemosphere (2013) .
  4. Johnson, P.J., Stapleton, H.M., Mukherjee, B., Hauser, R., Meeker, J.D, Associations between brominated flame retardants in house dust and hormone levels in men., Sci Total Environ (2012) .
  5. D. J. Watkins, M.D. Mclean, A. J. Fraser, J. Weinberg, H.M. Stapleton, A. Sjodin, and T.F. Webster, Impact of Dust from Multiple Microenvironments and Diet on PentaBDE Body Burden, Environ Sci & Technol (2011) .
  6. Alicia J Frasera, Thomas F Webstera, Deborah J Watkinsa, Jessica W Nelsona, Heather M Stapletonb, Antonia M Calafatc, Kayoko Katoc, Mahiba Shoeibd, Verónica M Vieraa, Michael D McClean, Polyfluorinated Compounds in Serum Linked to Indoor Air in Office Environments, Environ Sci & Technol (2011) .
  7. Elizabeth F. Davis, Susan L. Klosterhaus, Heather M. Stapleton, Measurement of Flame Retardants and Triclosan in Municipal Sewage Sludge and Biosolids, Environment International (2011) .

Papers Submitted

  1. Keller, A., Raju, N., Webster, T.F., Stapleton, H.M., Flame Retardant Applications in Camping Tents and Potential Exposure, Environmental Science & Technology Letters (2013) .
  2. Dong, W., Macaulay, L.J., Kwok, D., Hinton, D., Ferguson, P.L., and Stapleton, H.M., THE PBDE METABOLITE 6-OH-BDE-47 AFFECTS MELANIN PIGMENTATION AND THRβ mRNA EXPRESSION IN THE RETINA OF ZEBRAFISH EMBRYOS, Endocrine Disruptors (2013) .
  3. Hoffman, K., Fang, M., Horman, B., Patisaul, H. Garantziotis, S., Birnbaum, L., Stapleton, H.M., Urinary Tetrabromobenzoic Acid (TBBA) as a Biomarker of Exposure to the Flame Retardant Mixture Firemaster 550®, Environmental Health Perspectives (2013) .
  4. Holzem, R., Stapleton, H.M. Gunsch, C.K., Determining the Ecological Impacts of Organic Contaminants in Biosolids Using a High-Throughput Colorimetric Denitrification Assay: A Case Study with Antimicrobial Agents, Environ Sci & Technol (2013) .
  5. Pillai, H., Fang, M., Beglov, D., Kozakov, D., Vajda, S., Stapleton, H.M., Webster, T.F., Schlesinger, J., The Flame Retardant Firemaster 550 Contains PPARγ Ligands That Induce 1 Adipogenesis 2 and Suppress Osteogenesis, Environmental Health Perspectives (2013) .
  6. H.M. Stapleton, S.D. Eagle, A. Sjodin, and T.F. Webster, Serum PBDEs in US Toddlers: Associations with Hand Wipes, House Dust and Socioeconomic Variables, Environmental Health Perspectives (2011) .
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