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Publications of Robert G. Healy    :chronological  alphabetical  combined  bibtex listing:


  1. R.G. Healy, Analytical Methods and Approaches for Water Resources Project Planning (2004), Washington, D.C.: National Academy of Sciences (joint author.)
  2. R.G. Healy, Setting Priorities for Land Conservation (1993), Washington, D.C.: National Academy of Sciences (joint author.)
  3. R.G. Healy with William L. Ascher, Natural Resource Policymaking in Developing Countries: Environment, Economic Growth, and Income Distribution (1990), Durham: Duke University Press
  4. R.G. Healy, Competition for Land in the American South: Agriculture, Human Settlement and the Environment (1985), Washington, D.C.: The Conservation Foundation
  5. R.G. Healy with James L. Short, The Market for Rural Land: Trends, Issues, Policies (1981), Washington, D.C.: The Conservation Foundation
  6. R.G. Healy (editor and contributing author, with Sandra S. Batie), The Future of American Agriculture as a Strategic Resource (1980), Washington, D.C.: The Conservation Foundation
  7. R.G. Healy (editor and contributing author), Protecting the Golden Shore: Lessons from the California Coastal Commissions (1978), Washington, D.C.: The Conservation Foundation
  8. R.G. Healy with William E. Shands, The Lands Nobody Wanted: Policy for National Forests in the Eastern United States (1977), Washington, D.C.: The Conservation Foundation
  9. R.G. Healy, Land Use and the States (1976), Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press for Resources for the Future (second edition, with John S. Rosenberg, 1979. An alternative selection of the Macmillan Library of Urban Affairs Book Club.)

Journal Articles

  1. Healy, RG, Common Property Theory and Tourism at Niagara Falls, Annals of Tourism Research (forthcoming Spring 2006)
  2. Healy, RG, The Aging of North America: A Proposed Migration and Development Strategy, Estudios Demograficos y Economicos (Mexico City) no. 60 (2005)
  3. Coates, RGHWK; Morrison, W, Tracking the Snowbirds: Seasonal Migration from Canada to the U.S.A. and Mexico, American Review of Canadian Studies, vol. 32 no. 3 (Autumn 2002), pp. 433-450
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  5. Healy, RG, Tourist merchandise’ as a means of generating local benefits from ecotourism, Journal of Sustainable Tourism, vol. 2 no. 3 (1994), pp. 137-151, Informa UK Limited [doi]
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  9. Alig, RGHWRJ, Urban and Built-up Land Area Changes in the United States: An Empirical Investigation of Determinants, Land Economics (Summer, 1987)
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  24. co-author, RGH, Housing in Regional Economic Development and Planning, Annals of Regional Science (December, 1969)

Papers Published

  1. R.G. Healy, Ecotourism, Handicrafts and the Management of Natural Areas in Developing Countries (1994), Duke University Center for Tropical Conservation
  2. R.G. Healy with Kenneth Cook and Thomas Waddell, Agriculture and the Environment in a Changing World Economy (1986), Washington, D.C.: The Conservation Foundation
  3. R.G. Healy, America's Industrial Future: An Environmental Perspective (1982), Washington, D.C.: The Conservation Foundation
  4. R.G. Healy, Environmental Regulations and the Location of Industry in the U.S.: A Search for Evidence (1979), Washington, D.C.: The Conservation Foundation
  5. R.G. Healy, Environmentalists and Developers: Can They Agree on Anything? (1977), Washington, D.C.: The Conservation Foundation
  6. R.G. Healy, Colombia: Multi-City Urban Project Appraisal Report (1977), Washington, D.C.: The World Bank (prepared economic analysis element.)
  7. R.G. Healy with Henry R. Hertzfeld, Energy Conservation Strategies (1976), Washington, D.C.: The Conservation Foundation
  8. R.G. Healy (contributor), Housing: Symbol and Shelter (International Housing Productivity Study) (1970), University of California, Los Angeles
  9. R.G. Healy with James L. Short, Some Responses to Improved Housing in a Puerto Rican Town (International Housing Productivity Study) (1970), University of California, Los Angeles
  10. R.G. Healy, Effects of Housing on Health and Productivity: Zacapu, Mexico (International Housing Productivity Study) (1968)

Chapters in Books

  1. R.G. Healy, Ecotourism and Agriculture, in forthcoming book on ecotourism, edited by William Durham and Amanda Stronza (2004), Stanford University
  2. R.G. Healy, Tourism in a Critical Environment, in Tourism in the Critical Environments, edited by Tej Vir Singh (1998)
  3. R.G. Healy, Prawa Wlasnosci W Aspeckcie Lokalnym I Regionalnym (Property Rights, Regionalism and Localism), in Gospodarka Samorzadow Terytorialnicy W Swietle Doswiadczen Amerykanskisch (Reform of Local Self-Government in the Light of American Experience), edited by Lester M. Salamon (1995), pp. 104-119, Lodz, Poland: Fundacja Promocji Czystych Technologii
  4. R.G. Healy with Randall Kramer and Robert Mendelsohn, Forest Valuation, in Managing the World's Forests, edited by Narendra P. Sharma (1992), pp. 237-67, Dubuque: Kendall-Hunt
  5. R.G. Healy with Preston Bristow, Shard Ownership of Forestlands: Experience and Prospects, in Conserving the North Woods, edited by Clark Binkley and Perry Hagenstein (1989), New Haven: Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies
  6. R.G. Healy, A Reconnaissance of Conservation and Development Issues in Central America, in Report of the International Commission on Central American Reconstruction and Development, edited by William L. Ascher (1988), Durham: Duke University Press
  7. R.G. Healy, Forestry, Agricultural and Urban Competition for Land in the Southeastern U.S., in Farmland Retention in the Southeast, edited by Jerry R. Skees (1985), Southern Rural Development Center
  8. R.G. Healy, Forests in an Urban Civilization, in The Urban/Forest Interface, edited by Gordon Bradley (1984), Washington Press
  9. R.G. Healy, Landscape and Landowner: Issues of Land Tenure in Rural America, in The Farm and the City: Rivals or Allies?, edited by Archibald Woodruff (1980), Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice Hall

Papers Accepted

  1. Healy, RG, Population Aging and Employment in Mexico, Canada and the U.S.A.: Proposal for Labor Exchange, Estudios Demograficos y Urbanos (accepted for publication)
  2. Healy, RG, The Common Pool Problem and Management of Niagara Falls, Annals of Tourism Research (accepted for publication)


  1. R.G. Healy, Maple Syrup, Tourism and Rural Development: A Comparison of Vermont and Quebec (2002) (manuscript.)
  2. R.G. Healy, Food as Tourist Merchandise (1998) (manuscript.)
  3. R.G. Healy with David Newman, Opportunity Costs in Establishing the Proposed Bladen Branch Nature Reserve, Belize, in Report to the World Wildlife Fund and the Agriculture Ministry of Belize (1989)
  4. R.G. Healy, Economic Considerations in Nature-Oriented Tourism, PPEI Paper #34 (1988), U.S. Forst Service, Forestry Private Enterprise Initiative

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