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Jennifer J. Swenson, Assistant Professor of the Practice of Geospatial Analysis and Director of Professional Studies and Assistant Professor of the Practice of Geospatial Analysis

Jennifer J. Swenson

I am interested in modeling spatial patterns of species and ecosystems, species diversity, and their relationship with functional ecological factors. During my career I've worked with geospatial and remote sensing technologies at the National Park Service, the National Forest Service, and with international non-governmental organizations in South America. I've been involved in a range of projects including vegetation mapping, land use planning, spatial modeling of landscape change and forest productivity, and biodiversity studies.

Contact Info:
Office Location:  A319 LSRC
Office Phone:  (919) 668-0606
Email Address: send me a message

Teaching (Fall 2016):

    Env Hall 2102, TuTh 11:45 AM-01:00 PM
    LSRC A153, TuTh 01:25 PM-02:40 PM

PhDForest Ecology, Oregon State University2004
Ph.D.Oregon State University2003
M.A.San Diego State University1995
B.A.University of California at Santa Barbara1990

geospatial technologies
forest management and silviculture
conservation biology
land use and sprawl
tropical ecology
landscape dynamics
Research Interests: spatial mapping and modeling of ecological phenomena and landscape ecology.

Recent Publications   (More Publications)

  1. M González-Roglich and JJ Swenson, Tree cover and carbon mapping of Argentine savannas: Scaling from field to region, Remote Sensing of Environment, vol. 172 (January, 2016), pp. 139-147, ISSN 0034-4257 [doi]
  2. M González-Roglich, JJ Swenson, D Villarreal, EG Jobbágy and RB Jackson, Woody Plant-Cover Dynamics in Argentine Savannas from the 1880s to 2000s: The Interplay of Encroachment and Agriculture Conversion at Varying Scales, Ecosystems, vol. 18 no. 3 (April, 2015), pp. 481-492, ISSN 1432-9840 [doi]
  3. NG McDowell, NC Coops, PS Beck, JQ Chambers, C Gangodagamage, JA Hicke, CY Huang, R Kennedy, DJ Krofcheck, M Litvak, AJ Meddens, J Muss, R Negrón-Juarez, C Peng, AM Schwantes, JJ Swenson, LJ Vernon, AP Williams, C Xu, M Zhao, SW Running and CD Allen, Global satellite monitoring of climate-induced vegetation disturbances., Trends in plant science, vol. 20 no. 2 (February, 2015), pp. 114-123, ISSN 1360-1385 [doi]  [abs]
  4. M González-Roglich, JJ Swenson, EG Jobbágy and RB Jackson, Shifting carbon pools along a plant cover gradient in woody encroached savannas of central Argentina, Forest Ecology and Management, vol. 331 (November, 2014), pp. 71-78, ISSN 0378-1127 [doi]
  5. JB Riegel, E Bernhardt and J Swenson, Estimating Above-Ground Carbon Biomass in a Newly Restored Coastal Plain Wetland Using Remote Sensing, PLoS ONE, vol. 8 no. 6 (May, 2013), ISSN 1932-6203 [doi]  [abs]

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