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Publications [#198415] of Liliana Paredes


Book in Progress

  1. with Joan Munne, Gente Intermedio (March 11, 2012), Pearson, New Jersey, ISBN 0132278081
    (last updated on 2011/12/05)

    Following Gente: Nivel basico in its philosophy and task-based approach to teaching and learning a second language, with Gente: Nivel intermedio students learn intermediate level Spanish through interaction and collaborative work. Learners develop an ability to express themselves in real contexts and solve communicative problems. This intermediate level program exposes readers to a rich and understandable input of authentic language, has them use the language in real-life situations, and helps them to listen, read, speak and write the language effectively. With Gente: Nivel intermedio readers are encouraged to learn by doing and the results are long-term retention and a raised level of learners’ achievement.

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