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Paul A. Baker, Professor of Earth and Ocean Sciences

Paul A. Baker
Contact Info:
Office Location:  310 Old Chemistry Bldg., Box 90230
Office Phone:  919-684-6450
Email Address: send me a message

Teaching (Fall 2018):

    Old Chem 104, TuTh 03:05 PM-04:20 PM
    (also cross-listed as CEE 551.01, ENVIRON 570.01)

Ph.D.University of California at San Diego1981
M.S.Pennsylvania State University1975
B.A.University of Rochester1973

global climate change
Curriculum Vitae
Recent Publications   (More Publications)

  1. Marsh, EJ; Bruno, MC; Fritz, SC; Baker, P; Capriles, JM; Hastorf, CA, IntCal, SHCal, or a Mixed Curve? Choosing a 14C Calibration Curve for Archaeological and Paleoenvironmental Records from Tropical South America, Radiocarbon, vol. 60 no. 03 (June, Accepted, 2018), pp. 925-940 [doi]
  2. Spanbauer, TL; Fritz, SC; Baker, PA, Punctuated changes in the morphology of an endemic diatom from Lake Titicaca, Paleobiology, vol. 44 no. 01 (February, Accepted, 2018), pp. 89-100 [doi]
  3. Terborgh, JW; Davenport, LC; Belcon, AU; Katul, G; Swenson, JJ; Fritz, SC; Baker, PA, Twenty-three-year timeline of ecological stable states and regime shifts in upper Amazon oxbow lakes, Hydrobiologia, vol. 807 no. 1 (February, Accepted, 2018), pp. 99-111 [doi]
  4. Weide, DM; Fritz, SC; Hastorf, CA; Bruno, MC; Baker, PA; Guedron, S; Salenbien, W, A ~6000 yr diatom record of mid- to late Holocene fluctuations in the level of Lago Wi├▒aymarca, Lake Titicaca (Peru/Bolivia), Quaternary Research, vol. 88 no. 02 (September, Accepted, 2017), pp. 179-192 [doi]
  5. Sun, S; Schefu├č, E; Mulitza, S; Chiessi, CM; Sawakuchi, AO; Zabel, M; Baker, PA; Hefter, J; Mollenhauer, G, Origin and processing of terrestrial organic carbon in the Amazon system: lignin phenols in river, shelf, and fan sediments, Biogeosciences, vol. 14 no. 9 (Accepted, 2017), pp. 2495-2512 [doi]

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