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Papers Accepted

  1. Perkins, RD; Dwyer, GS; Rosoff, DB; Fuller, J; Baker, PA; Lloyd, RM, Salina sedimentation and diagenesis: West Caicos Island, British West Indies, Dolomites: a Volume in Honour of Dolomieu (January, 1994), pp. 37-54
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    Up to 2.4 m of Holocene sediment have accumulated in an elongate topographic low (3 km long by 0.5 km wide) bounded on the west by Pleistocene aeolianite and isolated from shallow platform waters on the east by a series of oolitic beach and beach/dune sequences of Holocene age. The salina is fed by marine groundwaters that primarily seep through the underlying Pleistocene bedrock. The stratigraphic succession of the salina indicates a trend towards increasing marine restriction, grading from marine wackestones, packstones and grainstones at the base, upward through microbially laminated mudstones into gypsum mush in the uppermost part of the section. -from Authors