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Publications [#343397] of Eduardo Bonilla-Silva

Papers Accepted

  1. Bonilla-Silva, E, Toward a New Political Praxis for Trumpamerica: New Directions in Critical Race Theory, American Behavioral Scientist (January, 2019) [doi]
    (last updated on 2019/07/23)

    © 2019 SAGE Publications. The election of 45 brought significant questions about race (and race-class) that merit theoretical consideration. My goal in this article is to discuss how racial theory applies to three main themes that followed the 2016 election: (a) dealing with the “racists”?, (b) the anxieties of the poor and White working class, and (c) hegemonic racism in Trumpamerica. I also briefly outline where I think racial theory needs to develop to combat racism in Trumpamerica.

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