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Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies : Publications since January 2014

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Baker, Paul A.

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Clements, Dennis A.

  1. MD Gunderson, D Clements and SE Benjamin Neelon, Nutritional quality of foods marketed to children in Honduras., Appetite, vol. 73 (February, 2014), pp. 1-6 [24177440], [doi]  [abs]

Crichlow, Michaeline A.

  1. Co-editor, Islands, Images, Imaginaries, Third Text (July, 2014)
  2. co-author, Introduction, Third Text (July, 2014)
  3. Islands, Images, Imaginaries, (special issue of the journal)Third Text (2014)

Davis, N. Gregson

  1. with with Abiola Irele., Journal of a Homecoming. English translation, with Introduction, of Aimé Césaire's Cahier d'un retour au pays natal, in Aimé Césaire: Cahier d'un retour au pays natal (2014)  [author's comments]

Gabara, Esther L.

  1. Photography, Avant-Garde and Modernity, in A Companion to Modern and Contemporary Latin American & Latino Art, Blackwell Companions to Art History Series, edited by Alejandro Anreus, Robin Greeley, Megan Sullivan, co-editors (2015)

Gereffi, Gary

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Greer, Margaret R.

  1. M.R. Greer, Victor Dixon, En busca del Fénix. Quince estudios sobre Lope de Vega y su teatro., TC/12 / Iberoamericana / Vervuert. Madrid / Frankfurt am Main, 2013., Anuario Lope de Vega, vol. forthcoming (2014)
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  4. M.R. Greer, Francisco de Avellaneda, autor del entremés El infierno de Juan Rana, in Homenaje a Luis Iglesias Feijóo, vol. forthcoming (forthcoming, 2014)

James, Sherman A.

  1. Geronimus AG, James SA et al, Jedi Public Health: Co-creating an Identity-safe Culture to Eradicate Health Inquiety (Summer, 2015)
  2. Lopes GB, James SA et al, John Henryism and Perceived Health in Brazilian Hemodialysis Patients (Summer, 2015)
  3. Lawrence V, James SA et al, Higher Education, Perceived Discrimination and Obesity in African Americans: The Pitt County Study (Summer, 2015)
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Jenson, Deborah

  1. Doris Kadish and Deborah Jenson, translated by Normal Shapiro, Poetry of the Haitian Independence (forthcoming, 2014), Yale University Press [ref=sr_1_1]  [abs]
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Matory, J. Lorand

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  4. J.L. Matory, Vodou and Other African-Inspired Religions (2015) [watch]
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Merkx, Gilbert W.

  1. GW Merkx, Select this elementArea and International Studies: Stakeholders (2015), pp. 943-948

Mignolo, Walter

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Milian, Claudia

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Pimm, Stuart L.

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