Papers Published

  1. HY Kim, MG Hudgens, JM Dreyfuss, DJ Westreich, CD Pilcher, Comparison of group testing algorithms for case identification in the presence of test error., Biometrics, vol. 63 no. 4 (December, 2007), pp. 1152-63, ISSN 0006-341X [doi]
    (last updated on 2011/01/27)

    We derive and compare the operating characteristics of hierarchical and square array-based testing algorithms for case identification in the presence of testing error. The operating characteristics investigated include efficiency (i.e., expected number of tests per specimen) and error rates (i.e., sensitivity, specificity, positive and negative predictive values, per-family error rate, and per-comparison error rate). The methodology is illustrated by comparing different pooling algorithms for the detection of individuals recently infected with HIV in North Carolina and Malawi.

    Algorithms* • Artifacts* • Biometry • Data Interpretation, Statistical* • HIV Infections • Humans • Malawi • Mass Screening • North Carolina • Population Surveillance • Prevalence • Reproducibility of Results • Sensitivity and Specificity • diagnosis* • epidemiology • epidemiology* • methods • methods*

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