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Peter K. Haff, Professor of Geology and Civil and Environmental Engineering and Energy Initiative

Peter K. Haff

The neoenvironment is the total environment in which we live. It is the sum of the natural, human, and technological systems and processes that surround us. It includes for example forest ecosystems, animals and machines, nanotechnology, the internet, highways, medical systems, power grids, human populations, political parties, governments and bureaucracies, robots and religions and their interactions with each other. In an age in which both the level and acceleration of technology are high, understanding and living with our "environment" can only mean understanding and living with the neoenvironment. Technology cannot be factored out of the neoenvironment leaving only natural processes. The neoenvironment must be understood as a whole. There are many consequences for the future of human-well being that flow from the emergence of the neoenvironment and my research examines some of them.


Contact Info:
Office Location:  103 Old Chem
Office Phone:  (919) 684-5902
Email Address: send me a message


Ph.D.University of Virginia1970
B.A.Harvard University1966

earth surface processes
landscape dynamics
Research Interests: studies of the neoenvironment and the emergence of technology as a novel earth surface process representing a new epoch in earth evolution.

Representative Publications   (More Publications)

  1. P. K. Haff, Response of Desert Pavement to Seismic Shaking, Hector Mine Earthquake, California (2001)
  2. P.K. Haff, Neogeomorphology, Prediction, and the Anthropic Landscape (2001) (PDF; HTML version.)
  3. P.K. Haff, Rivers and Blood - Allometric Scaling in Biology and River Networks, Nature, vol. 408 (2000), pp. 159-2000
  4. Haff and Furbish, Upslope Transport and Other Oddities of Landscape Diffusion (2000)
  5. Furbish and Haff, The Master Equation Applied to Landscape Evolution (2000)
  6. Werner, B.T. and Haff, P.K., Dynamical simulations of granular materials using the Caltech Hypercube, Third Conference on Hypercube Concurrent Computers and Applications (1988), pp. 1313 - 18, Pasadena, CA, USA  [abs]

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