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Biographical Info of Marc A. Jeuland

Marc Jeuland joined the faculty of the Sanford School of Public Policy in July 2010. His research interests include nonmarket valuation, water and sanitation, environmental health, the planning and management of trans-boundary water resources and the impacts and economics of climate change.

As a consultant to the World Bank since 2006, Jeuland has worked on projects involving economic modeling in the Ganges Basin in Asia, economic planning in the eastern Nile river basin, rural sanitation in Egypt, and wastewater reuse in the Middle East and Northern Africa.

Previously Jeuland was a Peace Corps volunteer in Mali, West Africa. While there, he designed and monitored construction of a pilot wastewater treatment system and trained management personnel at the plant’s managing firm. As a graduate assistant, Jeuland coordinated fieldwork for a willingness-to-pay study of cholera vaccines in Mozambique. In addition he has worked on evaluation of the sustainability and performance of rural water supply systems in Ghana and Bolivia.

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