Christopher J. Conover

Christopher J. Conover
Research Scholar

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Research Interests: Health Regulation, Access to Medical Care, Uninsured, State Health Policy

Research: His research interests are in the area of health regulation and state health policy, with a focus on issues related to health care for the medically indigent (including the uninsured), and estimating the magnitude of the social burden of illness.

He recently completed The Illustrated Guide to the U.S. Health Economy for AEI Press. Dr. Conover has developed estimates of the cost and benefits of health services regulation for the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) and has testified before Congress on this issue. He is currently updating these estimates under a grant from the Searle Freedom Trust.

He also has provided policy advice on access and cost issues to governors and legislative groups from several states within the southeast region. He also has served as a consultant to the North Carolina Department of Insurance on the impact of conversion of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina to for-profit status.

He is an AEI Adjunct Scholar and a Mercatus Center Affiliated Senior Scholar . He served as editor for News and Notes for the Journal of Health Policy, Politics and Law from 1998-2013 and currently serves as the founding editor for the U.S. Health Policy Gateway . He is a Forbes contributor at The Apothecary and maintains his own blog at The Health Policy Skeptic.

Areas of Interest:

Health regulation
Internet and health policy
Health care financing
Access to healthcare
Social burden of illness

Current projects:

1. Cost of health services regulation; , 2. Evaluation of SAS Health Center; , 3. Cost-effectiveness of strategies to link antiretroviral & antidepressant management

Recent Publications   (More Publications)
  1. C.J. Conover, Does Good Health Lead To Happiness?, The Apothecary ( (December 31, 2015) (Editorial.) [available here] .
  2. C.J. Conover, Should HUD Ban Smoking In Public Housing?, The Apothecary ( (December 31, 2015) (Editorial.) [available here] .
  3. C.J. Conover, Health Costs Top $4.9 Trillion In 2015, The Apothecary ( (December 29, 2015) (Editorial.) [available here] .
  4. C.J. Conover, Good News: Medicare End-of-Life Spending Declines With Age, The Apothecary ( (November 30, 2015) (Editorial.) [available here] .
  5. C.J. Conover, Healthcare Inflation Reaches Six Decade Low–What Caused It? Will It Continue?, The Apothecary ( (November 23, 2015) (Editorial.) [available here] .
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