Amy B Schulting

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Amy Schulting's current research is focused on the design and implementation of teacher-led truancy prevention efforts in the primary grades. Along with her colleagues, Philip Cook, Kenneth Dodge, Elizabeth Gifford, and Erika Hallerman, she is implementing The Early Truancy Prevention Project, funded by a Development and Innovation Grant from the Institute of Education Sciences. The Early Truancy Prevention Project takes a multi-pronged approach, integrating universal teacher home visits, teacher-led interventions for chronically-absent students, and innovative technology to guide and document teacher intervention efforts.

Research Interests

Research Projects:

Research Interests:
Public Policy, Early Childhood, Education


Recent Publications

  1. P.J. Cook, K.A. Dodge, E. Gifford & A.B. Schulting (March, 2015). Experiments in Early Truancy Prevention - The Early Truancy Prevention Program, Pilot Evaluation. Society for Research in Child Development, Paper Symposium.

  2. A.B. Schulting (January, 2009). The Kindergarten Home Visit Project. Harvard University: Family Involvement Network of Educators (FINE) Newsletter, 1(1).

  3. A.B. Schulting (Spring, 2008). Promoting parent-school relationships during the transition to kindergarten. Harvard University, The Evaluation Exchange, XIV(1), 8.

  4. A.B. Schulting, P.S. Malone & K.A. Dodge (April, 2007). Kindergarten transition practices: Are they meeting the needs of low-income, minority children?. Society for Research in Child Development, Poster Presentation.

Amy B Schulting

Amy B Schulting
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Public Policy, Early Childhood, Education Specialties:

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