Lin "Victor" Wang

Postdoctoral Associate

Victor Wang came to the Center in September 2012 from the Carolina Population Center at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Wang has a strong interdisciplinary background with training and expertise in the fields of sociology, demography, and psychology.

He is working with Candice Odgers on the Week In the Life Study to evaluate the influence of community-level violence and local area income inequality on the emergence of mental health problems among young adolescents. He is also working on a Scholars Mentorship program with Odgers.


Recent Publications   (More Publications)

  1. Mooney, Margarita, Jason Freeman, Matt Bradshaw, and Lin Wang "Does Religion Protect Exposure to Controllable and Uncontrollable Forms of Stress?." Religion and Inequality. Ed. by Lisa Keister and Darren Sherkat Cambridge University Press, Spring, 2013 Forthcoming

  2. L. Wang, Glen H. Elder Jr., Naomi J. Spence (December, 2012). Status Configurations, Military Service and Higher Education. Social Forces, 91(2), 397-421.  [abs]

  3. Guo, Guang, Lin Wang, Hexuan Liu (Submitted, 2012). Genomic Assortative Mating in Human Marriages. PLOS Genetics. (R&R).

  4. Elder Jr., Glen H., Lin Wang, Naomi J. Spence, Daniel Adkins, Tyson Brown (2010). Pathways to the All-Volunteer Military. Social Science Quarterly, 91(2), 455-475.  [abs]

  5. Burdette, Amy M., Lin Wang, Glen H. Elder, Jr., Terrence D. Hill, and Janel Benson (2009). Serving God and Country? Religious Involvement and Military Service among Young Adult Males. Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, 48, 794-804.


Lin "Victor" Wang
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