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Marta Sánchez joined the Center in October 2012 after completing her doctoral studies at the University of North Carolina. Sánchez joins Leslie Babinski and other investigators on the IES-funded study, Developing Consultation and Collaboration Skills: ESL and Classroom Teachers Working Together with Students and Families. She is also an assistant professor at the Watson College of Education at the University of North Carolina - Wilmington.

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  1. Barac, R., Bialystok, E., Castro, D., & Sánchez, M. (Winter, 2014). The cognitive development of young dual language learners: A critical review. Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 29(4), 699-714. [S0885200614000842], [doi]  [abs]

  2. Sánchez, M. (June 28, 2013). Immigration reform: Balancing security, suffering and parental love. (This opinion piece appeared in the Raleigh News & Observer on June 28, 2013 in the "Point of View" feature).

  3. Sánchez, M., Gillanders, C., & Criolani, Y. (Spring, 2012). With affection and love: Latino families prepare their children for success in school/Con cariño y amor: las familias latinas preparan a sus hijos para alcanzar el éxito en la escuela. Milestones, 12-15.

  4. Calderón, M., Slavin, R., & Sánchez, M. (Spring, 2011). Effective instruction for English learners. The Future of Children, 21(1). [index.xml]

  5. Calderón, M., Sánchez, M., Rivera Quiroz, L., Jimenez, K., & Jennings, H. (Spring, 2011). National Institute for Literacy’s publications for Spanish-speaking families on language and literacy development. [nceleprereading]

Marta Sánchez

Marta Sánchez
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