Publications [#201025] of Alex Harris

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  1. A. Harris. "MFA/EDA Documentary Field Work Influences Blog."  (Fall, 2011). [available here]
    (last updated on 2011/12/31)

    In the first semester of the MFA/EDA program at Duke, the Documentary Fieldwork seminar is taught as an opportunity for students to create a new body of documentary work, in a sense to define what they mean by documentary work through their own artistic practice. This new work – presented at the end of the semester – shows where students are going. But students are asked to look back as well, to show us where they have come from. Once a semester each member of the seminar presents his or her influences: the films, photographs, artists, books, music, and experiences that have most influenced their own work. This blog is a record of those presentations, a syllabus of inspiration for the rest of us.

Alex Harris