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Alexander Pfaff, Professor of Sanford School of Public Policy and Economics and Professor of Environmental Sciences and Policy and Faculty Research Scholar of DuPRI's Population Research Center and Faculty Network Member of The Energy Initiative and Associate of the Duke Initiative for Science & Society  

Duke Box: 90312
Email Address: alex.pfaff@duke.edu
Web Page: http://alexpfaff.com/

Areas of Expertise

    Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1995
    B.A., Yale University, 1988

    Teaching (Fall 2021):

    • Pubpol 303d.001, Microeconomic policy tools Synopsis
      Rubenstein 153, MW 10:15 AM-11:30 AM
    • Pubpol 810.01, Micro eco/pub pol making Synopsis
      Sanford 04, MW 08:30 AM-09:45 AM

    Recent Publications   (More Publications)

    1. Rodriguez, LA; Velez, MA; Pfaff, A. "Leaders’ distributional & efficiency effects in collective responses to policy: Lab-in-field experiments with small-scale gold miners in Colombia." World Development 147 (November, 2021). [doi]  [abs]
    2. Robalino, J; Pfaff, A; Sandoval, C; Sanchez-Azofeifa, GA. "Can we increase the impacts from payments for ecosystem services? Impact rose over time in Costa Rica, yet spatial variation indicates more potential." Forest Policy and Economics 132 (November, 2021). [doi]  [abs]
    3. Börner, J; Schulz, D; Wunder, S; Pfaff, A. "The effectiveness of forest conservation policies and programs." Annual Review of Resource Economics 12 (October, 2020): 45-64. [doi]  [abs]
    4. Keles, D; Delacote, P; Pfaff, A; Qin, S; Mascia, MB. "What Drives the Erasure of Protected Areas? Evidence from across the Brazilian Amazon." Ecological Economics 176 (October, 2020). [doi]  [abs]
    5. Díaz, S; Settele, J; Brondízio, ES; Ngo, HT; Agard, J; Arneth, A; Balvanera, P; Brauman, KA; Butchart, SHM; Chan, KMA; Garibaldi, LA; Ichii, K; Liu, J; Subramanian, SM; Midgley, GF; Miloslavich, P; Molnár, Z; Obura, D; Pfaff, A; Polasky, S; Purvis, A; Razzaque, J; Reyers, B; Chowdhury, RR; Shin, Y-J; Visseren-Hamakers, I; Willis, KJ; Zayas, CN. "Pervasive human-driven decline of life on Earth points to the need for transformative change.." Science (New York, N.Y.) 366.6471 (December, 2019). [doi]  [abs]

    Alex Pfaff is a Professor of Public Policy, Economics and Environment at Duke University. He studies how economic development affects and is affected by natural resources and the environment. His focus is on the impacts of conservation policies (such as protected areas, ecoservices payments, and certifications) and development policies (such as roads and rights). Those impacts are functions of choices by individuals and communities that affect land use, water quantity and quality, human exposures (to arsenic, mercury, mining, and particulates), and both the provision and use of information.

    Research accessible at AlexPfaff.com

    Sanford Building
    Sanford Building