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Amar Hamoudi, Assistant Professor of Public Policy and Economics; Faculty affiliate: Duke Population Research Institute, Duke Center for Interdisciplinary Decision Sciences, Duke Institute for Brain Sciences, Center for Child and Family Policy  

Office Location: 184 Rubenstein Hall
Office Phone: (919) 613-9343
Duke Box: 90312
Email Address: amar.hamoudi@duke.edu

Areas of Expertise

    Ph.D., University of California at Los Angeles, 2007
    MPAID, Harvard University, 2001
    A.B., Harvard College, 1996

    Research Description: My research interests lie in areas of intersection between empirical microeconomics, biology, and family demography. One broad theme in my research is the long reach of health and human capital consequences of events in early life; another is the function of the extended family as an economic institution. More recently, I have been developing interests around the development of, and economic returns to, nontraditional forms of human capital such as executive functioning and self-regulation.

    Typical Courses Taught:

    • Pubpol 610s, Analysis for strategic policy design
    • Pubpol 212s, Economics of the family Synopsis
    • Pubpol 128d, Microeconomic policy tools

    Recent Publications   (More Publications)

    1. JB Dowd and A Hamoudi. "Life Expectancy and Education.." American journal of public health 105.1 (January, 2015): e1. [doi]
    2. JB Dowd and A Hamoudi. "Is life expectancy really falling for groups of low socio-economic status? Lagged selection bias and artefactual trends in mortality.." International journal of epidemiology 43.4 (August, 2014): 983-988. [doi]
    3. A Hamoudi and J Nobles. "Do daughters really cause divorce? Stress, pregnancy, and family composition.." Demography 51.4 (August, 2014): 1423-1449. [doi]  [abs]
    4. A Hamoudi, J Nobles. "Do Daughters Really Cause Divorce? Stress, pregnancy, and family composition." Demography (July, 2014).  [abs]
    5. A. Hamoudi, D. Thomas. "Endogenous coresidence and program incidence: South Africa's Old Age Pension.." Journal of development economics 109.2014 (April, 2014): 30-37. [doi]  [abs]

    Current Ph.D. Students   (Former Students)

    Amar Hamoudi