Publications [#269976] of Bruce W. Jentleson

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Journal Articles

  1. Jentleson, BW; Britton, RL. "Still pretty prudent: Post-cold war American public opinion on the use of military force." Journal of Conflict Resolution 42.4 (January, 1998): 395-417. [doi]
    (last updated on 2021/12/07)

    Extending and further testing the theory advanced by Bruce Jentleson with post-cold war data, variations in U.S. public support for the use of military force are shown to be best explained by the principal policy objective for which military force is being used, with a third category of "humanitarian intervention" added to the previous two of "foreign policy restraint" and "internal political change." The principal policy objective theory is shown through a series of tests, including regression and logistic analyses, to offer the most powerful and parsimonious explanation, both directly superseding and indirectly subsuming such other alternative variables as interests, elite cues, risk, and multilateralism. These findings support the broader theoretical view of a rational public purposive and not purely reactive in its opinion formulation and have important implications for the basic dispositions of the types of military interventions the American public will and will not support in the post-cold war era.

Bruce W. Jentleson