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Christina Christopoulos, Research Scholar, Center for Child and Family Policy  

Office Location: 221 Mill Bldg
Office Phone: (919) 668-3278
Duke Box: 90539
Email Address: dgreek@duke.edu

Areas of Expertise

    Ph.D., University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, 1988
    Post-doctorate, Duke University, Durham, NC, 1987
    M.A., University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, 1984
    B.A., University of Athens, Athens, Greece, 1980

    Research Description: Career Objective: Design and conduct research that will lead to new policies that increase the well-being of families.

    Recent Publications   (More Publications)

    1. Christopoulos, C., & Rosanbalm, K.. "Alamance County LAUNCH Annual Evaluation Report."  December, 2013
    2. Christopoulos, C., Rosanbalm, K., & Fischer, S.. "Alamance Alliance Annual Evaluation Report."  October, 2013
    3. Alonso-Marsden, S., Dodge, K.A., O'Donnell, K.J., Murphy, R.A., Sato, J.M., & Christopoulos C.. "Family risk as a predictor of initial engagement and follow-throug in a universal nurse home visiting program to prevent child maltreatment." Child Abuse and Neglect 37.8 (August, 2013): 555-565.
    4. Christopoulos, C., & Rosanbalm, K.. "Evaluation of the Hill Reading Achievement Program." (2013).
    5. Christopoulos, C., & Rosanbalm, K.. "Alamance County Annual Project LAUNCH Report."  December, 2012

    Christina Christopoulos