Publications [#219098] of Evan Charney

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Journal Articles

  1. E. Charney. "Can Tasks be Inherently Boring? Commentary on Robert Kurzban, Angela Duckworth, Joseph W. Kable, and Justus Myers, “An Opportunity Cost Model of Subjective Effort and Task Performance"." Behavioral and Brain Sciences 36.6 (December, 2013): 684.
    (last updated on 2013/12/22)

    Kurzban et al. argue that the experiences of “effort,” “boredom,” and “fatigue” are indications that the costs of a task outweigh its benefits. Reducing the costs of tasks to “opportunity costs” has the effect of rendering tasks costless and of denying that they can be inherently boring or tedious, something that “vigilance tasks” were intentionally designed to be.

Evan Charney