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Journal Articles

  1. Krishna, A; Agrawal, T. "Food subsidy in cash or kind? The wrong debate." Economic and Political Weekly 54.32 (August, 2019): 39-43.
    (last updated on 2022/01/27)

    The need for the public distribution system varies widely across states and districts. In some districts, the poor draw more than 80% of their grain from the PDS, but in other districts this share is less than 10%. A wide diversity of relationships with the PDS exist, suggesting a need for alternative modes of provisioning. A variable geometry of food provisioning might emerge, with cash working better for the needs of some districts and grain supply continuing to work better in other districts. Only a well-designed empirical test of the alternative modes will help ascertain the preferred shape of the PDS for a particular state or district.

Anirudh Krishna