Publications [#326967] of Kristin A. Goss

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Journal Articles

  1. Goss, KA. "The Socialization of Conflict and Its Limits: Gender and Gun Politics in America*." Social Science Quarterly 98.2 (June, 2017): 455-470. [doi]
    (last updated on 2022/07/01)

    Objective: This study considers efforts by gun rights and gun regulation groups to socialize the conflict over firearms policy by engaging a coveted issue public—women. I assess whether gun rights groups have succeeded in weakening women's support for gun control laws and increasing women's firearms ownership. I also examine whether gun regulation groups have succeeded in mobilizing their female sympathizers for political action. Methods: Drawing on two survey archives spanning several decades, I use descriptive statistics and logistic regression to analyze the relationship between women and guns over time. Results: Gun rights groups have had little success in persuading women to become “pro-gun” in attitudes or behaviors. Gun regulation groups have mobilized their female sympathizers but not enough to offset the political engagement of pro-gun men. Conclusion: The findings suggest that civic identities, organizational capacities, and countervailing pressures constrain efforts to socialize conflict through persuasion and mobilization.

Kristin A. Goss