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  1.  Reinventing Free Labor: Padrones and Immigrant Workers in the North American West, 1885-1930. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2000. (Winner of the Taft Award, for best book in North American Labor History, the Ray Allen Billington Award from the OAH, for best book in frontier history, and the Pacific Coast Branch Award from the AHA.)

Books in Progress

  1. G.W. Peck. "The Shadow of White Slavery: Innocence, Rescue, and Empire in Contemporary Human Trafficking Campaigns."  2012

Edited Volumes

  1. Peck, Gunther. "Migrant Labor and Global Commons: Transnational Subjects, Visions, and Methods". International Labor and Working-Class History 85.1Cambridge University Press, (Spring, 2014): 118-137.  [abs]

Articles in a Collection

  1.  "Feminizing White Slavery in the United States: Marcus Braun and the Transnational Traffic in White Bodies, 1890-1910."." Workers Across the Americas: The Transnational Turn in Labor History. Ed. Leon Fink. (Oxford University Press), June, 2011.

Book Reviews

  1. David Igler. Industrial Cowboys: Miller & Lux and the Transformation of the Far West, 1850-1920.  The Journal of American History (Winter, 2002).

Papers Published

  1. G.W. Peck. ""The Nature of Labor: Fault Lines and Common Ground in Environmental and Labor Historyā€¯." Environmental History 11.2 (April, 2006): 212-38..
  2. G.W. Peck. ""Making Sense of White Slavery and Whiteness"." LABOR: Studies in Working-Class History of the Americas 1.2 (Summer 2004) (June, 2004): 41-63..
  3. ""Contracting Coercion? Rethinking the Origins of Free Labor in Great Britain and the United States"." Buffalo Law Review 51.1 (Winter, 2003): 201-18.
  4. "In Search of an American Working Class: Nationalist Fictions in the Making of Western Labor History." Mitteilungsblatt des Instituts fur soziale Bewegungen 25 (May, 2001): 29-45.
  5. "Mobilizing Community: Migrant Workers and the Politics of Labor Mobility in the North American West, 1900-1920." Labor Histories: Class, Politics, and the Working-Class Experience (1998): 175-200.

Gunther W. Peck