Publications [#218819] of Sarah B. Bermeo

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Other Working Papers

  1. S.B. Bermeo, David Leblang, Dustin Tingley. "Clowns to the Left of Me, Jokers to the Right: How Donor Partisanship Shapes the Allocation of Foreign Aid."   (2011). [PDF]
    (last updated on 2014/01/06)

    Recent research emphasizes the role of domestic politics in donor countries in determining foreign aid policy. However, such studies have neglected diff erences between powerful donors that pursue strategic priorities with aid - often generating positive externalities - and smaller donors that free-ride on the public goods created by major power aid. This paper argues that the variation in donor power is particularly important for evaluating the impact of ideology on aid flows. We find that in major powers, where strategic goals are disproportionately important in aid policy, right and left governments give similar amounts of total aid. In other donors, where aid represents more of a welfare transfer from donor to recipient, right governments cut aid budgets. We also fi nd that the right and left do allocate aid di fferently in major powers, with right governments reallocating aid toward more strategically important recipients - the diff erence between parties is in cross-recipient allocation rather than in the overall amount of aid flows in major power donors.

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