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Catherine Elkins, Visiting Lecturer of Public Policy, Duke Center for International Development  

Office Location: 284 Rubenstein Hall
Duke Box: 90237
Email Address: catherine.elkins@duke.edu
Web Page: http://linkedin.com/in/seaelkins

Areas of Expertise

    PhD, Duke University
    MALD, The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy

    Typical Courses Taught:

    • Pubpol 728, M&e (monitoring & evaluation) for int'l development
    • Pubpol 790, Rct methods in int'l devmt evaluation

    Recent Publications

    1. Catherine Elkins. "Evaluating Development Interventions in Peace-Precarious Situations." Evaluation 16.3 (July, 2010): 309-321. [309], [doi]  [abs]
    2. Catherine Elkins. "Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) for Development in Peace-Precarious Stiuations." (2006). Conference Paper, International Studies Association (San Diego) [html]  [abs]
    3. Catherine Elkins and Ties Boerma. "Investing in National Surveys for Monitoring and Evaluation: USAID and Tanzania in the 1990s." MEASURE Evaluation Bulletin 5 (2003): 19-24. [available here]  [abs]
    4. Catherine Elkins. "Performance Monitoring Plans and R4s: Field Practices and Lessons Learned." MEASURE Evaluation Bulletin 5 (2003): 3-6. [available here]  [abs]
    5. Catherine Elkins. "Measuring Provider Performance: Principles and Indicators." (2002). Summary of a Technical Meeting on Better Practices in Evaluation [pdf]  [abs]

    Program evaluation; aid effectiveness; strategic management, communications; capacity development

    Other Information
    Internationally Credentialed Evaluator (Canadian Evaluation Society). Country experience: Afghanistan (two years intermittent), Belize, Cambodia, Canada, Czech Republic, Eritrea, France, Guinea, Guyana, Iraq (four years intermittent), Israel, Jamaica, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Lebanon, Mauritania (three years resident), Nigeria, Pakistan, Portugal, Rwanda, Senegal (more than one year resident), South Africa, Tanzania, Thailand, Uganda, United States, West Bank, Zimbabwe.

    Catherine Elkins