Publications [#277816] of Sherman A. James

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Journal Articles

  1. Ainsworth, B; Keenan, NL; James, SAEA. "Physical Activity and Hypertension in a Southern Black Popualtion: The Pitt County, North Carolina Study." American Journal of Public Health 81.11 (1991): 1477-1479.
    (last updated on 2018/12/16)

    The relation of physical activity to hypertension was examined in 1751 Black adults in Pitt County, NC. More women (65%) than men (44%) were classified as sedentary. Sedentary behavior was not associated with the prevalence of hypertension in men, but was associated with a 31% increase in prevalence for women (sedentary-26.2%; active-20.0%; P < .01). The association in women was independent of other risk factors for hypertension.

Sherman A. James