Publications [#277827] of Sherman A. James

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Journal Articles

  1. Putnam, SM; Stiles, WB; Jacob, MC; James, SA. "Teaching the Medical Interview." Journal of General Internal Medicine 3.1 (1988): 38-47.
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    To study the effects of teaching specific interviewing techniques on verbal behaviors and on health outcomes, internal medicine residents working in a screening clinic were assigned to either an experimental or a control group. The entire clinic visit was audiotaped, transcribed, and coded according to the Verbal Response Mode (VRM) system. Residents in the experimental group were taught interviewing behaviors (patient exposition and physician explanation) that had been found in previous studies to be associated with patient outcomes. Through telephone interviews, patient satisfaction, compliance, and symptom status were determined for all patients. Two hundred and sixty-eight interviews (156 in the experimental group and 112 in the control group) were included in the study. Training did increase patient exposition and physician explanation, but did not affect health outcomes. Residents' attitudes and behaviors during the training are described.

Sherman A. James