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Journal Articles

  1. Iacovino, JM; James, SA. "Retaining students of color in higher education: Expanding our focus to psychosocial adjustment and mental health." 19 (January, 2016): 61-84. [doi]
    (last updated on 2018/10/16)

    © 2017 by Emerald Group Publishing Limited All rights of reproduction in any form reserved. Over the past several decades, scholars and universities have made efforts to increase the retention of students in higher education, but graduation rates remain low. Whereas two-thirds of high school graduates attend college, fewer than half graduate. The likelihood of graduation decreases even more for Black, Latino, American Indian, and low-income students, who have a 12-15% lower chance of earning their degree. The importance of psychosocial adjustment to student persistence has received relatively less attention than academic and social integration. Racial/ethnic minority students face unique challenges to psychosocial adjustment in college, including prejudice and discrimination, unwelcoming campus environments, underrepresentation, and a lack of culturally appropriate counseling resources. The current chapter will discuss the impact of these challenges on the persistence, academic success, and health of racial/ethnic minority students, and strategies that universities can employ to create inclusive policies, resources and campus environments that empower students of color and maximize their success.

Sherman A. James