Publications of Erika S. Weinthal    :chronological  alphabetical  combined  bibtex listing:

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Books Published

  1. P. Jones Luong and E. Weinthal. "Oil is not a Curse: Ownership Structure and Institutions in Soviet Successor States (New York: Cambridge University Press).."  2010
  2. E. Weinthal. "State Making and Environmental Cooperation: Linking Domestic and International Politics in Central Asia."  Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2002 * Recipient of the 2003 Chadwick Alger Prize of the International Organization Section of the International Studies Association. * Recipient of the 2003 Lynton Keith Caldwell Prize for the best book on environmental politics published in the past 3 years from the American Political Science Association

Book Chapters

  1. D. Gallagher and E.S. Weinthal. "Corporate Social Responsibility: Out of the Shadows of Environmental Regulation." Paul Steinberg and Stacy Vandeveer, eds, Comparative Environmental Politics (Cambridge, MA: MIT Press) 2012.
  2. E. Weinthal and A. Vengosh. "Water and Conflict: Moving from the Global to the Local." R. Parker and M. Sommer, editors, Routledge Handbook of Global Public Health 2010.

Papers Published

  1. K. O’Neill, E. Weinthal, K. Marion Suiseeya, S. Bernstein, A. Cohen, M. Stone, and B. Cashore. "Methods and Global Environmental Governance." Annual Review of Environment & Resources 38 (2013): 441-471.
  2. P. Faeth and E.S. Weinthal. "How Access to Clean Water Prevents Conflict." Solutions 3.1 (2012): 70-76. [1037]
  3. J. Sowers, A. Vengosh and E. Weinthal. "Climate Change, Water Resources, and the Politics of Adaptation in the Middle East and North Africa." Climatic Change 104.3-4 (2011): 599-627. [available here]
  4. N. Zawahri, J. Sowers, and E. Weinthal. "The Politics of Assessment: Water and Sanitation MDGs in the Middle East." Development & Change 42.5 (2011): 1153–1178.
  5. E. Weinthal, J. Troell, and M. Nakayama. "Water and Post-Conflict Peacebuilding: Introduction." Water International 36.2 (2011): 143-53.
  6. E. Weinthal and K. Watters. "The Transformation of Environmental Activism in Central Asia: From Dependent to Interdependent Activism." Environmental Politics 19.5 (2010): 782-807.
  7. S. Starobin and E. Weinthal. "The Search for Credible Information in Social and Environmental Global Governance: The Kosher Label." Business and Politics 12.3 (2010). [art8]
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  12. E. Weinthal & P. Jones Luong. "Combating the Resource Curse: An Alternative Solution to Managing Mineral Wealth." Perspectives on Politics 4.1 (2006): 35-53. [the%20Resource%20Curse.pdf]
  13. E. Weinthal, Y. Parag, A. Vengosh, A. Muti, & W. Kloppmann, ". "The EU Drinking Water Directive: The Boron Standard and Scientific Uncertainty." European Environment 15.1 (2005): 1-12.
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  21. E. Weinthal. "Sins of Omission: Constructing Negotiating Sets in the Aral Sea Basin." Journal of Environment and Development (March, 2001).
  22. E. Weinthal & P. Jones Luong. "Energy Wealth and Tax Reform in Russia and Kazakhstan." Resources Policy 27.4 (2001): 215-223.

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