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John Holbein, PhD Student  

Office Location: 238 Rubenstein Hall
Email Address: john.holbein@duke.edu
Web Page: http://sites.google.com/site/johnbholbein/

MA: Public Policy, Duke University, 2013
BA, Brigham Young University, 2011

Research Categories: Education Policy, Accountability, Political Participation, Political Representation, Causal Inference

Curriculum Vitae


Website: sites.google.com/site/johnbholbein/

Making Good Citizens: Policy Approaches to Increasing Civic Participation

Fields: American political behavior, public policy (education policy), methods for causal inference

MA: Public Policy, Duke University, 2013
BA, Brigham Young University, 2011

Research Topics: Political Participation, Education Policy, Performance Accountability, Causal Inference

[1] Holbein, John B. and D. Sunshine Hillygus. "Making Young Voters: The Impact of Preregistration on Youth Turnout." American Journal of Political Science (2015).

Related Media: Washington Post, Politico, FiveThirtyEight, Bloomberg, London School of Economics (USAPP), The Guardian, Star Tribune, Charlotte Observer, News & Observer, PPIC

Related Engagement: Co-author of expert witness report in League of Women Voters of North Carolina, et al. v. North Carolina, et al. 2015 (North Carolina Voting Rights Case: Civil Action No. 1:13-CV-00660-TDS-JEP)

Working Papers:

[1] Holbein, John B. “Left Behind? Citizen Responsiveness to Government Performance Information” Revised and Resubmitted, American Political Science Review

[2] Holbein, John B. “Marshmallows and Votes: Childhood Non-Cognitive Skill Development and Adult Political Participation” Under Review 

[3] Hillygus, D. Sunshine, John B. Holbein, and Steven A. Snell. “The Nitty Gritty: The Unexplored Role of Grit and Perseverance in Political Participation”

[4] Holbein, John B. and Helen F. Ladd. “Accountability Pressure and Non-Achievement Student Behaviors.” CALDER Working Paper (#122), February 2015. Under Review. 

Related Media: Boston Globe, Education Week

[5] Ladd, Helen F., Charles T. Clotfelter, and John B. Holbein. “The Growing Segmentation of the Charter School Market in North Carolina” NBER Working Paper (w21078) Revise and Resubmit, Education Finance and Policy

Related Media: Washington Post, Business Insider, NPR (WUNC), Diane Ravitch’s Blog, News & Observer, News & Observer, News & Record, ABC-4, Time Warner Cable News, Citizen News, WNCN, Progressive Pulse

[6] Carnes, Nicholas and John B. Holbein. “Representational Equality (for once): Class and Local Representation”

Works in Progress:

[1] D. Sunshine Hillygus, Christina Gibson-Davis, and John B. Holbein.  Measuring, Collecting, & Exploring the Link Between Education, Non-Cognitive Skills and Civic Engagement

[2] Holbein, John B. Partisan Performance: Does the Party in Power Have a Causal Impact on Economic, Education, and Health Outcomes?

[3] Holbein, John B. Mobilization Failure: The Causal Effect of Negative Racial Identity Signals on Voter Turnout. 

[4] Holbein, John B. Informing Young Voters: The Mobilizing and Persuasive Effects of Online Voter Guides.

[5] Holbein, John B. & Marcos Rangel.  Making Young Voters Vote: Compulsory Voting’s Direct and Indirect Effects in Brazil.

John Holbein