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Deborah A. Roach

Deborah A. Roach

Assoc. Professor, Biology Dept., Univ. of Virginia and PPARC Research Collaborator (on NIA Grants)

Project Leader on Grant P01-AG008761 Oldest-Old Mortality - Demographic Models and Analysis Project 7: Determinants of Extreme Longevity in a Plant Species.

Contact Info 
Office Phone: 434 982 4858 (Virginia)
Office Fax: 434 982 5626 (Biology Dept. fax #)
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Mailing Address: University of Virginia Department of Biology P.O. Box 400328 Charlottesville, VA 22904-4328
  • PhD

Research Summary:
Re: Project 7 -- Senescence is defined demographically as an increase in mortality after reproductive maturity. Our current understanding of mortality patterns may be limited by the fact that most studies have been made with short-lived model organisms under laboratory conditions. This project uses a new model system, with a relatively long lifespan and unique trajectories of growth and reproduction with age. At the foundation of this project is a population of 30,000 individuals of "Plantago lanceolata," a perennial plant species.