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James W. Vaupel

James W. Vaupel

PPARC Faculty Director, DuPRI Director, Duke Research Professor, and Founding Director, Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research
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Location: Social Science Research Institute - PPARC offices
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Mailing Address: Social Science Research Institute, Erwin Square Mill Building, PPARC Office A-105, 2024 West Main Street, Box 90420, Durham 27708-0420, USA, -or - MPI of Demographic Research, Konrad-Zuse-Strasse 1, 18057 Rostock, Germany
  • M.P.P. Policy Analysis, Harvard University, 1972

Research Summary:
Research: Demography of aging; mortality at advanced ages; environmental and genetic plasticity of mortality rates

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  1. Ahrenfeldt, LJ; Lindahl-Jacobsen, R; Rizzi, S; Thinggaard, M; Christensen, K; Vaupel, JW, Comparison of cognitive and physical functioning of Europeans in 2004-05 and 2013., International Journal of Epidemiology, vol. 47 no. 5 (October, 2018), pp. 1518-1528 [doi]  [abs].
  2. Zarulli, V; Christensen, K; Vaupel, JW, Reply to Delanghe et al.: Iron status is not likely to play a key role in the gender survival gap under extreme conditions., Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, vol. 115 no. 18 (May, 2018), pp. E4150 [doi] .
  3. Zarulli, V; Barthold Jones, JA; Oksuzyan, A; Lindahl-Jacobsen, R; Christensen, K; Vaupel, JW, Women live longer than men even during severe famines and epidemics., Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, vol. 115 no. 4 (January, 2018), pp. E832-E840 [doi]  [abs].
  4. Pascariu, MD; Canudas-Romo, V; Vaupel, JW, The double-gap life expectancy forecasting model, Insurance: Mathematics and Economics, vol. 78 (January, 2018), pp. 339-350, Elsevier BV [doi] .
  5. Rasmussen, SH; Andersen-Ranberg, K; Thinggaard, M; Jeune, B; Skytthe, A; Christiansen, L; Vaupel, JW; McGue, M; Christensen, K, Cohort Profile: The 1895, 1905, 1910 and 1915 Danish Birth Cohort Studies - secular trends in the health and functioning of the very old., International Journal of Epidemiology, vol. 46 no. 6 (December, 2017), pp. 1746-1746j [doi] .