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 Recent Faculty Publications

Antliff, Robert M.

  1.  Sculpture Against the State: Anarchism and the Cosmopolitan Avant-Garde. 2017.
  2. "Pacifism, Violence and Aesthetics: George Woodcock's Anarchist Sojourn, 1940-1950." Anarchist Studies  vol. 23 no. 1 (May, 2015): 15-44.
  3. "Labor, Leisure, and Dissident Socialism: Robert L. Herbert’s Social History of Art." Histoire sociale de l’art: une anthologie critique. Edited by Philippe Bordes.  (2015).
  4. M Antliff and P Leighten. Le cubisme devant ses contemporains – Documents et critiques (1906-1914). Les presses du réel, (2015). (Forthcoming)  [abs]

Antonaccio, Carla M

  1.  The Cambridge Companion to the Greek Iron Age.   (2016).
  2.  Classical Archaeology in Context Theory and Practice in Excavation in the Greek World.   (May, 2015): 426 pages.  [abs]

Dillon, Sheila

  1. S Dillon. "Approaches to the Study of Greek Sculpture." manualThe Diversity of Classical Archaeology. Edited by A Lichtenberger and R Raja.  vol. 1 (December, 2015).
  2. S Dillon and TD Shea. "Statues as Artifacts: Towards an Archaeology of Greek Sculpture." manualGreek Art in Context. Edited by DR Perez.  (December, 2015).
  3. S Dillon. "Review of 'Depicting the Dead: Self-Representation and Commemoration on Roman Sarcophagi with Portraits' by S. Birk (Aarhus University Press, 2013)." Latomus: Revue d’Études Latines  (November, 2015).
  4. S Dillon. "Review of 'The Oxford Handbook of Roman Sculpture', E.A. Friedland, M. Grunow Sobocinski, and E.K. Gazda, eds. (Oxford University Press, 2015)." Bryn Mawr Classical Review  (2015). [html]

Gabara, Esther L.

  1. EL Gabara, “El laberinto de la hermandad: Me-Xicano Photography and Protest.”, LA RAZA (January, 2017), Autry National Center/ Chicano Studies Research Center .
  2. EL Gabara, “Missing Body Art: Absent Identity in the Work of Tatiana Parcero.”, Revolution and Ritual: The Photographs of Sara Catrejón, Graciela Iturbide, and Tatiana Parcero. (January, 2017) .
  3. EL Gabara, “Crossing the Border: Whether Real or Imagined.”, What It Means to Be American (April, 2016), Smithsonian Institute/ Zócalo Public Square [#esther-gabara] .
  4. EL Gabara, “Crossing the Border: Whether Real or Imagined.”, What It Means to Be American (May, 2015), Smithsonian Institute/ Zócalo Public Square [#esther-gabara] .
  5. EL Gabara. "Photography, Avant-Garde and Modernity." manualA Companion to Modern and Contemporary Latin American & Latino Art. Edited by A Anreus and R Greeley and M Sullivan. Blackwell Companions to Art History Series (2015).

Galletti, Sara

  1. S Galletti. "Un dessin de plafond sculpté par Christophe Cochet dans la galerie Henri IV du Palais du Luxembourg, 1629–46." Revue de l'Art  (March, 2016).
  2. S Galletti. "Architecture and Ceremonial at the Courts of Henri IV and Maria de' Medici, 1600-1631." manualCourt Residences as Places of Exchange in Late Mediaeval and Early Modern Europe, 1400-1700. Edited by K De Jonge and S Hoppe.  (2016). [BrowseBySeries.aspx]
  3. S Galletti. "Il Palazzo del Lussemburgo di Maria de’ Medici, Parigi, 1611–1631." manualMujeres promotoras de arquitectura. Matronazgo cívico y religioso de la antigüedad a la edad moderna. Edited by C Martínez López and F Serrano Estrella.  (2016).
  4. S Galletti. "The Royal Gallery at the Time of Henri IV: Architecture and Ceremonial." manualHenri IV: Art et Pouvoir. Edited by C Nativel and L Capodieci.  vol. Autour d’Henri IV: figures du pouvoir, é (2016): 327-340.
  5. S. Galletti. "Frédérique Lemerle and Yves Pauwels, Architectures de papier: la France et l’Europe, XVIe–XVIIe siècles (Turnhout : Brepols, 2013)." Renaissance Quarterly  vol. 68 no. 1 (Spring, 2015).
  6. S Galletti. "Review of Sabine Frommel and Juliette Dumas, eds., Bâtir au féminin? Traditions et stratégies en Europe et dans l’Empire ottoman (Paris: Éditions Picard, 2013)." Centro Internazionale di Studi di Architettura Andrea Palladio: Annali di Architettura  vol. 27 (2015): 188-189.
  7. S Galletti. "Review of Frédérique Lemerle and Yves Pauwels, Architectures de papier: La France et l’Europe (XVIe–XVIIe siècles), Collection "Études Renaissantes” (Turnhout: Brepols, 2013)." Renaissance Quarterly  vol. 68 no. 1 (2015): 256-258. [doi]

Hansen, Mark B.

  1. MBN Hansen, Logics of Transition (Foreword to Shane Denson), in Postnaturalism: Frankenstein, Film and the Anthropotechnical Interface, manual (October, 2015) .
  2. V Szabo, Introduction, in Critical Terms for New Media, edited by M. Hansen and W.J.T. Mitchell, manual (January, 2010), pp. 328-329, University of Chicago Press .
  3. Griffin, SM; Jameson, F; James, H, Introduction, vol. 36 (January, 2015), pp. 197-198 .
  4. MBN Hansen, Performance as Media Affect: The Phenomenology of Human Implication in Jordan Crandall’s "Gatherings", in Phenomenology and Performance, edited by M Bleeker and E Nedelkopoulou and JF Sherman, manual (2015), Routledge .
  5. MBN Hansen, Ecologies of Imitation and Experience, in General Ecology of Media, edited by E Hoerl, manual (2015), Diaphanes .
  6. MBN Hansen, Algorithmic Sensibility, in Post-Cinema: Theorizing 21st-Century Film, edited by S Denson and S Leyda, manual (2015), Routledge .
  7. MBN Hansen, The Topology of Sensibility, in Ubiquitous Computing, Complexity, and Culture, edited by U Ekman and L Diaz-Kommonen and M Engberg and M Sondergaard, manual (2015), Routledge .
  8. MBN Hansen, Our Predictive Condition, or, Prediction in the Wild, in The Non-Human Turn, manual (2015), University of Minnesota .

Leighten, Patricia

  1. "Anarchist Satire in Pre-World War I Paris: The Case of František Kupka." SubStance: A Review of Theory and Literary Criticism  (2017). (Special issue: "Rebel Lines: Comics and the Anarchist Imagination")
  2. "America, with Burk Uzzle." All About America: Photographs by Burk Uzzle, Ackland Museum of Art  (2016).
  3. "Cubist Critiques: Picasso, Rivera and World War I." Picasso and Rivera: Modernism and Ancient Art, Los Angeles County Museum of Art  (2016).
  4. "The White Peril: Colonialism, L’art nègre, and Picasso’s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon." European Ghosts: The Representation of Art from Africa in the Twentieth Century, Mu.ZEE Ostende, Belgium  (2015). [european-ghosts-the-representation-of-art-from-africa-in-the-twentieth-century]
  5. M Antliff and P Leighten. Le cubisme devant ses contemporains – Documents et critiques (1906-1914). Les presses du réel, (2015). (in press) [ouvrage.php]  [abs]

McWilliam, Neil F

  1. NF McWilliam. "Michel Melot et l’historiographie d’Honoré Daumier." manualL’Histoire sociale de l’art. Edited by R Froissart and N McWilliam and T Porterfield.  (2015).

Morgan, David A

  1. D Morgan, Temples for a Modern God: Religious Architecture in Postwar America., HISTORY OF RELIGIONS, vol. 54 no. 3 (February, 2015), pp. 380-382 [Gateway.cgi], [doi] .
  2. D Morgan. Screen Media and Public Reflection about Religion in the College Classroom.  The Multifaith Media Project, The Hartley Film Foundation and Auburn Theological Seminary’s Center for Multifaith Education, January, 2015. [morgan]
  3. D Morgan. The Allure of Electronic Media and the Study of Religion. January, 2015: 7-13.
  4. D Morgan, Kuvat, sanat ja kääntyminen—painetun sanan kultturi ja uskonnollisten kuvien levittäminen protestanttisen lähestystyön historiassa [Print Culture and the Circulation of Imagery in Protestant Mission History], in Pyhä media [Pious Media], edited by J Sumiala-Seppänen, manual (January, 2015), pp. 167-176, Atena Kustannus .
  5. D Morgan. The Forge of Vision: A Visual History of Modern Christianity. University of California Press, (2015).

Olson, Mark

  1. M Olson, V Szabo and K Lanzoni. "Wired! and Visualizing Venice: Scaling up Digital Art History." Artl@s Bulletin  vol. 4 no. 1 (2015): 20-39. [available here]  [abs]

Powell, Richard J.

  1. RJ Powell. "Probability Theory: David Hammons's Money Tree." manualOpen This End: Contemporary Art from the Collection of Blake Byrne. Edited by Wolin, Joseph R..  (2015): 42-49.
  2. RJ Powell. ""Dem Shoes": Thomas Hart Benton's Romance." manualAmerican Epics: Thomas Hart Benton and Hollywood. Edited by A Bailly.  (2015): 83-87.

Stiles, Kristine

  1. JH Collier. "Introduction." manualUri Katzenstein’s Families  vol. 30 (January, 2016): 1-2. [doi]

Szabo, Victoria

  1. V Szabo. "Introduction."   vol. 48 (August, 2015): 328-329. [doi]
  2. V Szabo. "ACM SIGGRAPH Distinguished Artist Award for Lifetime Achievement in Digital Art Introduction." LEONARDO  vol. 48 no. 4 (August, 2015): 328-329. [Gateway.cgi], [doi]
  3. V Szabo. "Introduction."   (July, 2015): 328-329.
  4. V Szabo. "Macroanalysis: Digital Methods and Literary History." AMERICAN LITERATURE  vol. 87 no. 2 (June, 2015): 418-420. [Gateway.cgi]
  5. V Szabo. "From Literature to Biterature: Lem, Turing, Darwin, and Explorations in Computer Literature, Philosophy of Mind, and Cultural Evolution." AMERICAN LITERATURE  vol. 87 no. 2 (June, 2015): 418-420. [Gateway.cgi]
  6. M Olson, V Szabo and K Lanzoni. "Wired! and Visualizing Venice: Scaling up Digital Art History." Artl@s Bulletin  vol. 4 no. 1 (2015): 20-39. [available here]  [abs]

Weisenfeld, Gennifer S.

  1. GS Weisenfeld. The Fine Art of Persuasion: Corporate Advertising Design, Nation, and Empire in Modern Japan. 2016. (in preparation)
  2. GS Weisenfeld. "Hara Hiromu and the Predicament of Modern Letterforms in Japan." manualTimeless Typography: New Perspectives on Modernist Typography 1914–2014  (January, 2016).
  3. GS Weisenfeld. "Industrial Poisoning Minamata, 1972." manualGetting the Picture: The Visual Culture of the News. Edited by J Hill and VR Schwartz.  (2015).

Wharton, Annabel J.

  1. AJ Wharton. Models as Manipulators. 2016. (new project)
  2. AJ Wharton. "The Istanbul Hilton, 1951-2014: Modernity and Its Demise." manualMid-Twentieth Century Architecture in Turkey. Edited by M Gürel.  (2015).

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