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Antliff, Mark

  1. M. Antliff. "From Class War to Creative Revolution: Bergson’s Communist Legacy in Britain." Annales Bergsoniennes  (Winter, 2014).
  2. M. Antliff. "Contagious Joy: Anarchism and the reception of Jacob Epstein’s Tomb of Oscar Wilde, c. 1913." Journal of Modern Periodical Studies  (2014).
  3. Alexandre Levebre and Melanie White, eds.. "Bergson, Politics and Religion." Symplokē  (2014).
  4. M. Antliff. Sculpture Against the State: Anarchism, Vorticism and the Cosmopolitan Avant-Garde. 2014. (This is a book project in progress)
  5. M. Antliff and Patricia Leighten. Le cubisme devant ses contemporains – Documents et critiques (1906-1914).  Les presses du réel, 2013. (Forthcoming)
  6. M. Antliff and Scott Klein, eds.. Vorticism: New Perspectives. Oxford University Press, (2013).
  7. M. Antliff. "Revolutionary Immanence: Bergson among the Anarchists." Bergson and the Art of Immanence. Edited by John Mullarkey and Charlotte de Mille, eds..  (2013): 94-111.
  8. M. Antliff. "Politicizing the New Sculpture." Vorticism: New Perspectives. Edited by Mark Antliff and Scott Klein, eds..  (2013): 102-118.
  9. Mark Antliff and Scott Klein. "Introduction: Vorticisms,." Vorticism: New Perspectives  (2013): 1-11.

Antonaccio, Carla M

  1. Sport, Spectacle, and Society in the Greek West, in Companion to Sport and Spectacle in Greco-Roman Antiquity, edited by P. Cristesen, D. Kyle, ed. (Fall, 2014), pp. 192-207, Wiley Blackwell .
  2. with J. Walsh, Athenian Black Gloss and Consumer Preference in the Mediterranean, Oxford Journal of Archaeology, vol. 33 (2014), pp. 47-67 .
  3. Donald C. Haggis. Classical Archaeology in Context: Theory and Practice in Excavation in the Greek World.   (2014).
  4. C. Lyons et al., Review: Sicily. Art and Invention between Greece and Rome, Getty 2013, Classical World (2013) (Submitted.) .
  5. Networking the Middle Ground?, Archaeological Review from Cambridge, vol. 28 no. 1 (2013), pp. 237-251 .

Dillon, Sheila

  1. S. Dillon. "Honorific Portraiture." Handbook of Greek Sculpture. Edited by Olga Palagia.  (2014).
  2. "Terracotta Figurines." The Monuments of the Eastern Hill Samothrace: Excavations conducted by the Institute of Fine Art, New York University vol. 9 (2014).
  3. E.P. Baltes. "Honorific Practices and the Politics of Space on Hellenistic Delos: Portrait Statue Monuments along the Dromos." American Journal of Archaeology  vol. 117 no. 2 (April, 2013): 207-46.
  4. S. Dillon. "Portrait Statues of Women on the Island of Delos." Women and the Roman City in the Latin West. Edited by E. Hemelrijk and G. Woolf. Mnemosyne Supplement series, History and Archaeology of Classical Antiquity (2013): 201-23.

Forte, Maurizio

  1. M. Forte, 3D Archaeology at Catalhoyuk, edited by Ann E. Killebrew and Sandra A. Scham, Journal of Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology and Heritage Studies (Spring, 2014) .
  2. M. Forte, 3D Archaeology at Çatalhöyük, 3D imaging in Mediterranean/European Archaeology (December, 2013) [com]  [abs].
  3. M. Forte, Virtual Reality, Cyberarchaeology, Teleimmersive Archaeology, in Campana S., Remondino F., 3D surveying and modeling in archaeology and cultural heritage. Theory and best practices (Winter, 2013), BAR ARCHAEOPRESS .
  4. M. Forte, Virtual Worlds, in Oxford Companion to Archaeology, edited by Neil Asher Silberman (Winter, 2013), Oxford University Press .
  5. M. Forte, 3D Archaeology at Çatalhöyük, in Archaeology of the Mediterranean World, vol. http://mediterraneanworld.wordpress.com/ (December, 2013) (http://mediterraneanworld.wordpress.com/2013/12/05/3d- archaeology-at-catalhoyuk/.) [available here] .
  6. Lercari, N., Forte, M., Onsurez, L., Shultz, J., Multimodal Reconstruction of Landscape in Serious Games for Heritage. An insight on the creation of Fort Ross Virtual Warehouse serious game, Proceedings of Digital Heritage 2013, Marseille, 2013, IEEE. (October, 2013), IEEE .
  7. Lercari, N., Mortara, M., Forte, M., Unveiling California history through serious games: Fort Ross Virtual Warehouse, in Proceedings of First International Games and Learning Alliance, Paris, 2013 (Fall, 2013), Springer .
  8. Forte, M, Dell'Unto, N., Haddow, S., Lercari, N, 3D Documentation at Çatalhöyük: New Perspectives for Digital Archaeology, in Proceedings of Digital Heritage 2013, Marseille, 2013, IEEE (October, 2013), IEEE .
  9. Lercari, N., Forte, M., Zielinski, D., Kopper, R. Lai, R, Virtual reconstruction and immersive visualization of a Neolithic building, in In Proceedings of Digital Heritage 2013, Marseille, 2013, IEEE. (October, 2013), IEEE .
  10. Nicola Lercari, Maurizio Forte, Llonel Onsurez and Joe Schultz, Multimodal Reconstruction of Landscape in Serious Games for Heritage, in Digital Heritage. INternational Congress 2013 (October, 2013), IEEE  [abs].
  11. M. Forte, Virtual worlds, Virtual Heritage and Immersive Reality: the case of the Daming Palace at Xi’an (China), in Handbook on the Economics of Cultural Heritage, edited by Romilda Rizzo and Anna Mignosa (Fall, 2013), pp. 499-507, Edward Elgar Cheltenham .
  12. M. Forte, Justine Issavi, Nicolo Dell'Unto, and Nicola Lercari, Burials at Neolithic Çatalhöyük (April, 2013) (Poster presented at the SAA conference (Society for American Archaeology, Honolulu, Hawaii. April 3 - April 7, 2013.)  [author's comments].
  13. M. Forte, Cyberarchaelogy: a Post-Virtual Perspective, in Humanities and the Digital. A Visioning Statement, edited by D.T.Golberg and P Svensson (2013), MIT Press .
  14. M. Forte, Immersive 3D applications in archaeology, in Oxford Companion to Archaeology, edited by Neil Asher Silberman (2013), Oxford University Press .
  15. M. Forte, Cyberarchaelogy: a Post-Virtual Perspective, in Humanities and the Digital. A Visioning Statement, edited by D.T.Golberg and P Svensson (2013), MIT Press .

Gabara, Esther

  1. "Photography, Avant-Garde and Modernity." A Companion to Modern and Contemporary Latin American & Latino Art. Edited by Alejandro Anreus, Robin Greeley, Megan Sullivan, co-editors. Blackwell Companions to Art History Series (2015).
  2. E. Gabara. "Fictions of Emancipation: Collaborations With and Against the Law." ELN: English Language Notes  vol. 51 no. 1 (Summer, 2013): 173-179.  [abs]
  3. "El triángulo museológico de las Bermudas: El Prado, el Museo de América y el Museo Nacional de Antropología." Revista SUR/versión. Investigación y creación de América Latina y el Caribe  vol. 2 no. 2 (2013).

Galletti, Sara

  1. S. Galletti. "Frédérique Lemerle and Yves Pauwels, Architectures de papier: la France et l’Europe, XVIe–XVIIe siècles (Turnhout : Brepols, 2013)." Renaissance Quarterly  (Spring, 2015).
  2. S. Galletti. "Rubens's Life of Maria de' Medici: Dissimulation and the Politics of Art in Early Seventeenth-Century France." Renaissance Quarterly  vol. 67 no. 3 (Fall, 2014): 878-916. [PDF]
  3. S. Galletti. "Aloisio Antinori, ed., Studio d’Architettura Civile: Gli atlanti di architettura moderna e la diffusione dei modelli romani nell’Europa del Settecento (Rome: Edizioni Quasar, 2012)." Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians  vol. 73 no. 3 (September, 2014): 429-431. [PDF]
  4. S. Galletti. "Philibert Delorme’s Divine Proportions and the Composition of the Premier Tome de l’Architecture." Architectural Histories  vol. 2 no. 1 (June, 2014): 1-11. [bh]
  5. S. Galletti. "The Royal Gallery at the Time of Henri IV: Architecture and Ceremonial." Autour d'Henri IV: figures du pouvoir, échanges artistiques. Edited by Luisa Capodieci, Colette Nativel.  (2014).
  6. S. Galletti. "Before the Academy: Research Trends in the History of French Early Modern Architecture before the Age of Louis XIV." Perspective  vol. 2013 no. 1 (Spring, 2013): 43-65. [PDF]

Hansen, Mark

  1. Mark B. N. Hansen. Feed Forward: On the Future of 21st Century Media. University of Chicago Press, (2013). (Just submitted final manuscript. Will appear in Chicago's Fall 2014 list.)
  2. Mark B. N. Hansen, The Operational Present of Sensibility, Nordic Journal of Aesthetics (2013) .
  3. Mark B. N. Hansen, Bernard Stiegler, Philosopher of Desire?, Boundary 2 (2013) (invited article-length review article on Stiegler's work and its potential contribution to contemporary debates on media, technology, political economy, and culture. Will appear in 2014..) .
  4. Mark B. N. Hansen, Technical Repetition and Digital Art, or Why the ‘Digital’ in Digital Cinema is not the ‘Digital’ in Digital Technics, in Technology and Desire: the Transgressive Art of Moving Images, edited by Rania Gaafar and Martin Schulz (2013), Intellekt (Corrected proof submitted summer 2012, book to appear in April 2014..) .
  5. M. Hansen, Symbolizing Time: Kittler and 21st Century Media, in Kittler Mediated: New Essays on Culture and Technology, edited by S. Sale and L. Salisbury (2013), Stanford University Press (Corrected proof submitted fall 2012..)  [author's comments].
  6. Mark B. N. Hansen, The Primacy of Sensation, in Theory Aside, edited by Daniel Stout and Jason Potts (2013), Duke .
  7. Mark B. N. Hansen, Our Predictive Condition, or, Prediction in the Wild, in The Non-Human Turn (2013), University of Minnesota .
  8. Mark B. N. Hansen, What is 21st Century Media? (2013)  [author's comments].
  9. Mark B. N. Hansen and Erich Hoerl, Medienaesthetik: Einleitung in den Schwerpunkt, Zeitschrift fuer Medienwissenschaft, vol. 8 (2013), pp. 10-17 .
  10. Mark B. N. Hansen, The Artifactuality of Affect, in The Timing of Affect, edited by Marieluise Anderer (2013), Diogenes/Duke University Press  [author's comments].
  11. Mark B. N. Hansen and Erich Hoerl. Medienaesthetik. Zeitschrift fuer Medienwissenschaft  vol. 8 (2013).

Kachurin, Pamela J

  1. P.J. Kachurin, Making Modernism Soviet: The Avant Garde in the Early Soviet Era 1918-1928 (2013), Northwestern University Press (Release Date: Oct. 31, 2013.)  [abs].

Lasch, Pedro

  1. P. Lasch & Lay-Trigo. "Migrarte Ciencia y arte visual, un diálogo identitario bilateral." EARI. Educación artística. Revista de investigación. Edited by Institut Universitari de Creativitat i Innovacions Educatives.  no. 4 (Winter, 2013).
  2. P. Lasch. Eight Ways to Look at a Map: Modular statements from the LATINO/A AMERICA Series (translation from 2006 English-Spanish text).  edited by Quiros , Kantura & Imhoff, AliochaB42, Paris, France, (December, 2013).
  3. P. Lasch. TAKE ME TO THE TOP: The Fine Art of Finance, A project by Pedro Lasch, with the collaboration of Stefano Harney and Sverre Spoelstra London Eye, July 5th, 2012 Produced by Hayward Gallery for the Wide Open School exhibition.  edited by Marie-Pier Boucher, Jean-Maxime Dufresne, Gema Melgar & Jean-François ProstAdaptive Actions, Montreal, (December, 2013).
  4. Barriendos, Kantuta & Imhoff. "Entretien Avec Joaquín Barriendos." Les Cahiers du Musée national d'art moderne  no. 122 (Winter, 2013): 106-119.
  5. Corresponsal. "Se lanzó la revista Causa Sur N° 5." Noticias Día X Día, Buenos Aires, Argentina  (December, 2013).
  6. P. Lasch interview with Robert Zimmerman. "Pedro Lasch on Maps, Museums, and the Duke MFA." Duke Arts Journal  (November, 2013). [pedro-lasch-maps-museums-and-duke-mfa]
  7. P. Lasch interview with Robert Zimmerman. "Pedro Lasch on Teaching the Technical and Traditional."   (November, 2013). [pedro-lasch-teaching-technical-and-traditional]
  8. Andrew Karim. "Power Plant Gallery to feature Duke faculty artists." The Duke Chronicle, Durham, NC  (November, 2013).
  9. Christina Malliris. "Kenan Arts Fellow focuses arts exhibition on perceptions of human rights." The Duke Chronicle, Durham, NC  (October, 2013).
  10. Dawn DeCwikiel-Kane. "Find Art in Odd Places." News & Record, Greensboro, NC  (October, 2013).
  11. Dawn DeCwikiel-Kane, Find Art in Odd Places, News & Record, Greensboro, NC (October 24, 2013) .
  12. P. Lasch. "Propositions for a Decolonial Aesthetics and “Five Decolonial Days in Kassel” (Documenta 13 AND AND AND)." Periscope - Social Text, New York  (July, 2013). [available here]
  13. I Canul. "Inauguran Bienal Interactiva." Diario de Yucatán  (June, 2013).
  14. I Canul, Inauguran Bienal Interactiva, Diario de Yucatán (June 2, 2013), Diario de Yucatán, Merida, Mexico .
  15. Pedro Lasch and Teddy Cruz. Transnational Community-Based Production, Cooperative Art, and Informal Trade Networks.  edited by Tom FinkelpearlDuke University Press, (January, 2013).  [abs]
  16. P. Lasch. "Breve Argumento Visual por una Estética Descolonial." Causa Sur: Pensar Nuestra America / Revista de pensamiento político, Buenos Aires, Argentina  no. 5 (2013).

Leighten, Patricia

  1. with Mark Antliff. Le cubisme devant ses contemporains: Documents et critiques (1906-1914).  Les presses du réel, forthcoming 2014. (in press) [ouvrage.php]  [abs]
  2.  The Liberation of Painting: Modernism and Anarchism in Avant-Guerre Paris. University of Chicago Press, (2013). (Millard Meiss Publication Fund Grant, 2011) [html]  [abs]
  3. "The World Turned Upside Down: Modernism and Anarchist Strategies of Inversion in 'L'Assiette au beurre'." Journal of Modern Periodical Studies  vol. 4 no. 2 (2013). [html]

McWilliam, Neil F

  1.  L'Histoire de l'art en France 1890-1950: Acteurs, institutions, enjeux.  Les Presses du réel/ Institut national d'histoire de l'art, 2014. (co-edited with Michela Passini (CNRS))  [abs]
  2. N.F. McWilliam. "Au-delà de la 'République des arts': les artistes, l'état et le marché au 19e siècle." Faire art comme on fait société. Les Nouveaux commanditaires. Edited by Christian Joschke.  (2013): 515-32.
  3. N.F. McWilliam. "'L'Epoque n'a pas d'âme'. Critiques et chrétiens au Salon pendant la monarchie de juillet." La Critique d'art de la Révolution à la monarchie de Juillet: enjeux et pratiques. Edited by Lucie Lachenal and Catherine Méneux.  (2013).
  4. N.F. McWilliam. "Le Romantisme comme enjeu." L'Histoire de l'art en France 1890-1950: Acteurs, Institutions, Enjeux. Edited by NeilMcWilliam and Michela Passini.  (2013).
  5.  L'Histoire sociale de l'art.  edited by Neil McWilliam, Rossella Froissart, Todd Porterfield Les Presses du réel/ Institut national d'histoire de l'art, 2013.
  6. N.F. McWilliam. "Patrie et pédagogie: l'art national selon Léon Rosenthal." Léon Rosenthal (1870-1932), militant, critique et historien de l'art  (2013): 209-222. (Volume edited by Bertrand Tiller)
  7. N.F. McWilliam. "A Sense of Place. Representing the Region in Nineteenth-Century France." Impressionist France. Le Gray to Monet. Edited by Simon Kelly.  (2013): 53-65. (Catalog essay for an exhibition curated at SLAM by Simon Kelly)

Morgan, David

  1. David Morgan. Image and Imagination in Modern Christianity. 2015.
  2. David Morgan, “Religion and Media: A Critical Review of Recent Developments”, Critical Research on Religion: An Interdisciplinary Journal, vol. 1 no. 3 (December, 2013), pp. 47-56 .
  3. David Morgan, Kimsooja and the Art of Place, in Kimsooja: Unfolding (2013), pp. 115-123, Vancouver Art Gallery .
  4. David Morgan, "Art, Material Culture, and Lived Religion", in The Oxford Handbook of Religion and the Arts, edited by Frank Burch Brown no. 480-497 (2013), Oxford University Press .

Olson, Mark J

  1. Mark JV Olson. "Hacking the Humanities: 21st Century Literacies and the 'Becoming-Other' of the Humanities." Humanities in the 21st Century: Beyond Utility and Markets. Edited by E. Belfiore & A. Upchurch.  (July, 2013): 237-250. [0021], [doi]  [abs]

Powell, Richard J

  1. Richard J. Powell. ""Freeman Henry Morris Murray: Emancipation and the Freed in American Sculpture"." The Art Bulletin  vol. 95 (December, 2013): 646-649.
  2. Richard J. Powell. ""Foreword: Augustus Saint-Gaudens' Devotional Memorial"." Tell It with Pride: The 54th Massachusetts Regiment and Augustus Saint-Gaudens' Shaw Memorial. Edited by Sarah Greenough & Nancy Anderson.  (2013): xv-xvii, 185.

Seaman, William   (search)

  1. W. Seaman. "Computational Creativity | A Multi-perspective Approach." TBA  (November, 2013). [org]  [abs]
  2. W. Seaman. "A Multi-perspective Approach to Knowledge Production." Proceedings from American Society for Cybernetics; Acting - Learning - UnderstandingTBA  (2013). [2013]  [abs]
  3. W. Seaman. "Neosentience and the Abstraction of Abstraction." Systems Connecting Matter, Life, Culture and Technology  vol. 1 no. 1 (2013). [eu]  [abs]
  4. W. Seaman. "From Neosentience to Recombinant Informatics, A Research Overview." Computer Science, Technology, and Application  (2013).  [abs]

Stiles, Kristine

  1. K. Stiles. Concerning Consequences: Studies in Art, Destruction, and Trauma, 1978-2014. University of Chicago Press, (2014). (Forthcoming)
  2. "Kicking Holes in the Darkness: Rhys Ernst and Zackary Drucker." Whitney Biennial 2014  (2014): 56-61. (Authors of the catalog include the curators of the 2014 Whitney Biennial, Stuart Comer, Anthony Elms, Michelle Grabner.) [pdf]
  3. "The Ideal Gifts of Istvan Kantor." PERMANENT REVOLUTION: The Art of Istvan Kantor  (2014): 73-87. (Edited by Linda Feesey, and co-edited by Mireille Bourgeois)
  4. "‘…but a hammer with which to shape it.’: Media Art and Society 1959-2013." Pioneering Values: WRO 15th Biennial  (2014).
  5. "'I’m Ready.' Thinking About Artists’ Writings in a Global Context." Not a day without a line. Understanding artists' writings. Edited by Helen De Prester.  (2013): 177-203.  [abs]
  6. "Performance Art." Oxford Bibliographies in Art History. Edited by Thomas DaCosta Kaufmann.  (2013).  [abs]
  7. "Preface." ARTPOOL The Experimental Art Archive of East-Central Europe.. Edited by György Galántai and Júlia Klaniczay.  (2013): 8-10.  [abs]
  8. "Wangechi Mutu’s Family Tree." Wangechi Mutu: A Fantastic Journey. Edited by Trevor Schoonmaker.  no. 51-79 (2013).  [abs]
  9. "Forward." The Reflexive Photographer. Edited by Rosie Miller, Jonathan Carson and Theresa Wilkie.  (2013).

Szabo, Victoria E

  1. Timothy Senior, Florian Wiencek. "Digital Cities: A Collaborative Engagement with Urban Heritage." Proceedings of the 2013 International Digital Heritage Congress IEEE Catalog Number: CFP1308W-USB vol. 2 (November, 2013): 349-352. (Digital Heritage 2013 Scientific Papers Proceedings from 28-31 October in Marseilles, Frances) [pdf]  [abs]
  2. V.E. Szabo. ""XYZN: Scale"." Leonardo  vol. 46 no. 4 (2013): 386-417. (Special Issue for SIGGRAPH 2013) [4]

Van Miegroet, Hans J   (search)

  1. Hans J. Van Miegroet & Neil De Marchi. "Supply-Demand Imbalance in the Antwerp Paintings Market, 1630-1680." Moving Pictures. Intra‐European Trade in Images, 16th‐18th Centuries. Edited by Sophie Raux & Neil De Marchi.  (2014): 37-76. [ShowProduct.aspx]
  2. H.J. Van Miegroet. "A dealer ring in 1780s Paris to control sale outcomes, lessen investor uncertainty and facili¬tate low-risk, cross-border arbitrage in paintings." Risk and Uncertainty in the Art Market. Edited by Anna Dempster.  (2014). [available here]  [abs]

Weisenfeld, Gennifer

  1. Bert Winther-Tamaki. "Maximum Embodiment: Yōga, The Western Painting of Japan, 1912-1955." Journal of Japanese Studies  vol. 40 no. 1 (Winter, 2014): 187-190.
  2. "Gas Mask Parade: Japan’s Anxious Modernism." Modernism/modernity  vol. 21 no. 1 (January, 2014): 179-199.
  3. "Laughing in the Face of Calamity: Visual Satire after the Great Kantō Earthquake." Disaster as Image: Iconographies and Media Strategies across Europe and Asia  (2014): 125-134.
  4.  The Fine Art of Persuasion: Corporate Advertising Design, Nation, and Empire in Modern Japan. 2014. (in preparation)
  5. "Western-Style Painting in Japan: Mimesis, Individualism, and Japanese Nationhood." Modern Art in Africa, Asia, and Latin America: An Introduction to Global Modernisms. Edited by Elaine O’Brien, Everlyn Nicodemus, Melissa Chiu.  (2013): 165-180.

Wharton, Annabel J

  1.  Models as Manipulators. 2016. (new project)
  2.  Architectural Agents: The Delusional, Abusive, Addictive Lives of Buildings. University of Minnesota Press, (2014).
  3. A.J. Wharton. "Jerusalem's Zions." Material Religion  (2013).

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