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  1. Antliff, M. Sculptors Against the State: Anarchism, and the Cosmopolitan Avant-Garde (London-Milan-Paris). (2021).
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  12. Antliff, M. Inventing Bergson: Cultural Politics and the Parisian Avant-Garde. Princeton University Press, (1993).

Articles Published

  1. Antliff, M. "Henri Matisse's Portrait of a Standing Riffian: Islam, Byzantium, and 'Aristocratic Barbarism'." Image, Object, and Text: Canadian Contributions to the Study of Islamic Art and Archaeology. Edited by Milwright, M; Baboula, E.  (2021).
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  4. Antliff, M. "Pacifism, Realism and Pathology: Alex Comfort's Neo-Romantic Anti-Fascism." Modernism/Modernity  (2020).
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  6. Antliff, M. "Into the Vortex: Ezra Pound, Anarchism, and the Ideological Project of Art Criticism." The Companion to Ezra Pound and the Visual Arts. Edited by Coyle, M; Preda, R.  (2019): 193-213.
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Articles Accepted

  1. "Labor, Leisure, and Dissident Socialism: Robert L. Herbert’s Social History of Art." Histoire sociale de l’art: une anthologie critique. Edited by Philippe Bordes.  (2015).

Exhibition Catalogs

  1.  Drawings by Henri-Gaudier Brzeska. Yale Center for British Art, New Haven, Ct., (1987).

Books in Progress

  1.  Sculpture Against the State: Anarchism and the Cosmopolitan Avant-Garde. 2017.

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