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Tomiko Yoda, Associate Professor

Tomiko Yoda

Please note: Tomiko has left the "Asian & Middle Eastern Studies" group at Duke University; some info here might not be up to date.

Contact Info:
Office Location:  215 Trent Hall
Office Phone:  919 684 4310
Email Address: send me a message

Office Hours:

On Leave for 2009 - 2010 Academic Year

Ph.D. in JapaneseStanford University1996
M.A. in JapaneseStanford University1991
Candidate for Ph.D. in ReligionHarvard University1987
M.A. in Oriental PhilosophyNagoya University (Nagoya, Japan)1987
B.A. in ReligionWesleyan University (Middletown, CT)1983

Research Interests: Literary Theory, Gender Studies, and Japanese Intellectual History

She specializes in Japanese literature, intellectual history, gender, and feminist studies.

Recent Publications   (More Publications)

  1. T. Yoda (co-edit), Japan After Japan: Social and Cultural Life From the Recessionary 90s to the Present (Summer, 2006), Duke University Press
  2. T. Yoda, First-Person Voice and Citizen-Subject: The Modernity of Ogai's Maihime, Journal of Asian Studies, vol. 65 no. 25 (May, 2006)
  3. T. Yoda, Heian bungaku no joseika to juhasseiki kagaku no kindaisei [Feminization of Heian Literature and the Modernity of Eighteenth-Century Poetics], Genji kenky├╗ no. 10 (2005)
  4. T. Yoda, Gender And National Literature: Heian Texts and Constructions of Japanese Modernity (2004), Duke University Press
  5. T. Yoda, Kogyaru and the Political Economy of Feminized Consuer Culture, in Zappa: the Social Space and Movements of Contemporary Japan, edited by Sabu Kohso and Yutaka Nagahara (Accepted, forthcoming), Autonomedia  [abs]

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