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Research Interests for Hitomi Endo

Research Interests: Language Pedagogy, 2nd Language Aquisition, and Japanese Linguistics

Her academic interests are in language pedagogy, second language acquisition, Japanese linguistics and oral proficiency testing.

Recent Publications
  1. Endo, H; Kurokawa, N, Learners’ Perspectives on Project Work in Japanese Courses, NKG Hokkaido Conference Website (July, 2013)
  2. H. Endo and N. Kurokawa, Learners' Perspectives on Project Work in Japanese Courses (July 2013), NKG Hokkaido Conference, Sapporo, Japan (2013)
  3. Endo, H, Speech Contest as a Task Based Activity in the Japanese Curriculum, Proceedings of the 2009 SEATJ (October, 2012) (2012 SEATJ Conference Proceedings.)
  4. Endo, H, Review on the Workshop "Can-Do Japanese" held on June 2011 in Sapporo, Japan, Newsletter of Hokkaido Teachers of Japanese Network no. 78 (September, 2011), Hokkaido Teachers of Japanese Network
  5. H. Endo, Multimedia Project in Intermediate Japanese Course: (Accepted, August, 2011) (2011 HKG Hokkaido Conference proceedings.)

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