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Research Interests for Naoko Kurokawa

Research Interests: Japanese Language Pedagogy, Curriculum Development and Japanese Linguistics

Development of foreign language curriculum, computer-assisted learning, Japanese linguistics and pragmatics in second language classroom.

Recent Publications
  1. Mori, M; Kurokawa, N; Worley, G, Speculation on the naming of Moyamoya disease., Journal of Neuroradiology. Journal De Neuroradiologie (April, 2018) [doi]
  2. Kurokawa, N; Shinozaki, F; Ueda, A; Yoshida, H, Using SNS to Enhance Cross-Cultural Communication: Perspectives from EFL Teacher-Training & JFL Instruction, Proceedings of the CIEC PC Conference 2013 (July, 2013)
  3. Kurokawa, N, Promoting Cultural Literacy & Advanced Level Language Proficiency through the Internet-mediated Communication between American & Japanese Students, proceeding of 2012 PC conference, CIEC (2012)
  4. Kurokawa, N, Acquisition of the Explanatory modal n(no)da through the corpus-driven language pedagogy, Proceedings of the Practice Study Forum for Japanese Education, the Society for Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language (Nihongo Kyoiku Gakkai) (Summer, 2011)
  5. Kurokawa, N, Examining the Effect of Peer Feedback and Internet-Mediated Communication in JFL writing, Proceedings of the International Conference of the Japanese Language & Literature Association of Taiwan (2009)

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