Michael Malone, Professor of the Practice of Theater Studies and Arts of the Moving Image

Michael Malone
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M.A.University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill1966
B.A.University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill1964

Theater Studies
Recent Publications   (More Publications)

  1. M. Malone, Red Clay (2010) (Screenplay by David Auburn (author of Proof).) .
  2. M. Malone, Invitation to the Ball (2010) (Produced as the play Haunted Heart by Lost Studio in Los Angeles. Ca..) .
  3. M. Malone, Fast Love, Mademoiselle (2010) .
  4. M. Malone, Fast Love, in O’Henry Prize Stories (2010) .
  5. M. Malone, Fast Love, in Growing Up in the South (2010), Dell .