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Aaron S Hogue, Research Associate

Areas of Interest:
Mammalian functional morphology, paleobiology, and comparative anatomy.
Influence of ontogenetic, biomechanical and ecological factors on the evolution of mammalian craniodental form and function.

Recent Publications   (More Publications)   (search)

  1. Ravosa, M. J., and A. S. Hogue. "Function and fusion of the mandibular symphysis in mammals: A comparative and experimental perspective." Anthropoid Origins: New Visions (2004): 413-462.
  2. Hogue, AS. "Molar shear crests as dietary indicators: Evidence from primate ecological analogs." American Journal of Physical Anthropology 123 (2004): 114.
  3. Hogue, AS. "Molar Shear Crests as Dietary Indicators: Evidence from Primate Ecological Analogs."  Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists, Tampa, Florida, April 14-17, 2004
  4. Hogue, AS. "You Are What You Eat: The Relationship Between Dental Form & Diet."  Department of Biology. James Madison University. Harrisonburg, Virginia, 2003
  5. Hogue, AS. "You Are What You Eat: Lessons from Marsupial Craniodental Morphlogy."  Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Fellow Research Presentation, Department of Cell and Molecular Biology, Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University, Chicago, Illinois, 2003

  • Ph.D., Northwestern University, 2004
  • B.S., Humboldt State University, 1998

Contact Info: 

266 Sands Bldg | +1 919 684 2417 | a.hogue@duke.edu

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