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Ann C. Zumwalt, Research Associate

Research Summary:
I am a skilled and dedicated anatomist with extensive research and teaching experience. My relevant interests and experience include: · Human Gross Anatomy instruction, including the development of innovative and improved methods for teaching this topic using traditional cadaver-based instruction. · Evaluation of the mechanisms by which bone responds to external stimuli

Recent Publications   (More Publications)   (search)

  1. A.C. Zumwalt. "Beyond the first year: Focused anatomy instruction during the clinical years of medical school."  July, 2006 American Association of Clinical Anatomists annual meeting, Milwaukee, WI
  2. A.C. Zumwalt. "Three specialized anatomy courses for advanced medical students: the impact of focused anatomy instruction."  April, 2006 American Association of Anatomists annual meeting, San Francisco, CA
  3. Zumwalt, AC. "The effect of endurance exercise on the morphology of muscle attachment sites." Journal of Experimental Biology 209 (February, 2006): 444-454.  [abs]
  4. A.C. Zumwalt, Marks, L.M., Halperin, E.C.. "Integration of Gross Anatomy into a Clinical Oncology Curriculum." Academic Medicine (2006). (In press)  [abs]
  5. Zumwalt AC, Hamrick MW, Schmitt D. "A force platform for measuring the ground reaction forces in small animal locomotion." Journal of Biomechanics (Winter, 2005). (In press. Accepted 10 October 2005. Available online 13 December 2005.) [science]  [abs]

  • Ph.D., Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, 2004
  • B.A., Rice University, 1998

Contact Info: 

(919) 668-6417 | azumwalt@duke.edu

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