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Publications [#44602] of Kenneth E. Glander

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  1. Glander, KE, Average body weight for mantled howling monkeys (Alouatta pallilata): an assessment of average values and variability, in New Perspectives In The Study Of Mesoamerican Primates, edited by A. Estrada, P.A. Garber, M. Pavelka, & L. Luecke (2006), pp. 247-263, Springer, New York [PDF]
    (last updated on 2011/03/25)

    A comparison of mantled howling monkey (Alouatta palliata) body weights from two Costa Rican populations at Santa Rosa (SR) and La Pacifica (LP) plus the island population of Barro Colorado (BCI) yielded average body weights of 6,445 g for BCI females (N=49), 5,161 g for SR females (N=21), and 4,726 g for LP females (N=663). Average male body weight for these same three populations was 7,562 g for BCI (N=38), 6,573 g for SR (N=15), and 5,790 g for LP (N=288). All three populations are sexually dimorphic with the males being significantly heavier than the females (BCI: F=65.71, P<0.00001); SR: F=65.60, P<0.00001; LP: F=621.72, P<0.00001). The BCI females are significantly heavier than the SR females (F=80.48, P<0.00001) and LP females (F= 360.50, P<0.00001). The BCI males are significantly heavier than the SR males (F=23.23, P<0.00001) and the LP males (F=295.50, P<0.00001). The SR females are significantly heavier than the LP females (F=10.25, P<0.001) and the SR males are significantly heavier than the LP males (F=26.54, P<0.0001). Female weight at LP showed a seasonal difference while season had no effect on male weight. There were habitat effects on both female and male weights. Individual body weights at LP oscillated from 10 to 30% within and between years. These dramatic changes in body mass did not reduce life span nor affect infant survivorship.

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