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Publications [#337838] of Herman Pontzer

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Journal Articles

  1. Pontzer, H; Scott, JR; Lordkipanidze, D; Ungar, PS, Dental microwear texture analysis and diet in the Dmanisi hominins., Journal of Human Evolution, vol. 61 no. 6 (December, 2011), pp. 683-687 [doi]
    (last updated on 2019/07/19)

    Reconstructions of foraging behavior and diet are central to our understanding of fossil hominin ecology and evolution. Current hypotheses for the evolution of the genus Homo invoke a change in foraging behavior to include higher quality foods. Recent microwear texture analyses of fossil hominin teeth have suggested that the evolution of Homo erectus may have been marked by a transition to a more variable diet. In this study, we used microwear texture analysis to examine the occlusal surface of 2 molars from Dmanisi, a 1.8 million year old fossil hominin site in the Republic of Georgia. The Dmanisi molars were characterized by a moderate degree of surface complexity (Asfc), low textural fill volume (Tfv), and a relatively low scale of maximum complexity (Smc), similar to specimens of early African H. erectus. While caution must be used in drawing conclusions from this small sample (n = 2), these results are consistent with continuity in diet as H. erectus expanded into Eurasia.

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