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Publications [#133611] of Nancy M Major

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Papers Published

  1. AB Schraner, NM Major, MR imaging of the subcoracoid bursa., AJR. American journal of roentgenology, UNITED STATES, vol. 172 no. 6 (June, 1999), pp. 1567-71, ISSN 0361-803X
    (last updated on 2006/10/17)

    OBJECTIVE: The subcoracoid bursa, a bursa anterior to the shoulder joint, can be identified on MR images. Awareness of the MR appearance and location of this bursa, which can connect with the subacromial-subdeltoid bursa, enables appropriate diagnosis in patients with shoulder pain. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Dictated reports involving all MR imaging of the shoulder (n = 1545) performed at our institution from June 1993 to February 1998 were reviewed from computer archives. Films were reviewed in 16 cases describing a subcoracoid bursa; in nine MR imaging correctly revealed this bursa, whereas in seven MR imaging revealed the subscapular recess, an outpouching of the glenohumeral joint often confused with the subcoracoid bursa. RESULTS: Of the 1545 shoulders examined, MR imaging revealed the subcoracoid bursa in nine (0.6%) patients. Two cases from a teaching file were also included, for a total of 11 cases. In five (45%) of the 11 cases, the subcoracoid bursa contained a small amount of fluid (<1 cm in largest diameter on sagittal images). In the remaining six cases (55%), the subcoracoid bursa contained a moderate (1-2 cm in largest diameter) or a large amount (>2 cm in largest diameter) of fluid. Of the 11 cases, six (55%) also showed connection with the subacromial-subdeltoid bursa. CONCLUSION: It is important to correctly identify the subcoracoid bursa on MR imaging because it is believed to cause isolated shoulder pain. Fluid in the subcoracoid bursa can also communicate with the subacromial-subdeltoid bursa.

    Adolescent • Adult • Aged • Bursa, Synovial • Female • Humans • Magnetic Resonance Imaging* • Male • Middle Aged • Retrospective Studies • Shoulder • Shoulder Pain • diagnosis • etiology • instrumentation • pathology*

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