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Publications [#133622] of Nancy M Major

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Papers Published

  1. TP Sundberg, GA Toomayan, NM Major, Evaluation of the acetabular labrum at 3.0-T MR imaging compared with 1.5-T MR arthrography: preliminary experience., Radiology, United States, vol. 238 no. 2 (February, 2006), pp. 706-11, ISSN 0033-8419
    (last updated on 2006/10/17)

    Institutional review board approval and informed consent were obtained for this HIPAA-compliant study. The purpose of this study was to prospectively compare imaging of the acetabular labrum with 3.0-T magnetic resonance (MR) imaging and 1.5-T MR arthrography. Eight patients (four male, four female; mean age, 38 years) with hip pain suspicious for labral disease were examined at both MR arthrography and MR imaging. Presence of labral lesions, paralabral cysts, articular cartilage lesions, subchondral cysts, osteophytes, and synovial herniation pits was recorded. There was arthroscopic correlation of findings in five patients. MR imaging depicted four surgically confirmed labral tears that were identified at MR arthrography, as well as one that was not visualized at MR arthrography. MR imaging helped identify all other pathologic conditions that were diagnosed at MR arthrography and helped identify one additional surgically confirmed focal articular cartilage lesion. These results provide encouraging support for evaluation with 3.0-T MR imaging over 1.5-T MR arthrography.

    Acetabulum • Adult • Arthralgia • Arthrography • Female • Hip Joint • Humans • Joint Diseases • Magnetic Resonance Imaging* • Male • Prospective Studies • etiology • methods • methods* • pathology • pathology*

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